There is suasion, an opinion held by those who know most everything. That we conservatives should reconcile (with the liberal progressives), at least go halfway, which in liberal progressive speak is giving in to the initial as a prelude to the forthcoming. And I say rubbish to that idea.

Common knowledge implies that political workings within our Democratic Republic are an artful craft. A pragmatic give and take between counterparties to achieve a gainful result.

Or at least that is the accepted myth.

Instead, commiserating is in reality the capitulation by pieces and parts of American individualism and self-reliance. Liberal progressive persuasion has yielded the following results: A “re-imaging” of the federal constitution’s literal meaningfulness for one that favors whimsical variables. Individual liberty and personal freedom is now tenuously applied. Statutory laws so ambiguous they challenge a layperson’s comprehension. A non-elected byzantine bureaucracy that in a discretionary manner enforces some federal laws while ignoring others. A system of rules/regulatory processing that only the selected and privileged comprehend and tax regulations wherein even the experts require consultation.

Yes, conservatives for pragmatic, moral, political, ethical, capitalistic, socioeconomic, and religious reasons believe that the leftist socialistic policies and beliefs inherent within the Democratic Party are anathema to the American principles of liberty and personal freedom.

Compromise conservative values, blend the red with the blue for the ruse of unification, I say poppycock to that tosh.

Fire With Fire

A well-funded progressive socialist disorganization such as ANTIFA equates Republicans, conservatives, and Trumpians as fascist reminiscent of Hitler’s Brownshirt Nazis. BLM ideologically Maoists, espouse “Defund the Police,” crediting systematic racism as the goad, the mot juste, to explain police officers’ inclination to kill black and brown men.  

For these riotous ruffians, arrest by lawful authorities is not just a waste of time and money. For these scofflaws, an arrest is considered a rite of initiation, a badge of commitment to destructive or injurious action. Break a window, fracture a nose, an arm, or a leg, burn down a building, loot, rob, and steal; all is justified, say the racially oppressed and their inherently privileged white sympathizers.

These progressive left entities have zero interest in counterevidence or factual(s) that are aller a contre-courant or contrary to their indoctrinated beliefs. Therefore sanity requires that counterview tolerance must end with the inducement of fear, pending bodily harm, and the actuality of physical assault.

Any demonstration of grievance, jubilation, or the meeting of old friends armed with MAGA references and sponsorship is intimidated and demeaned by ANTIFA and BLM militants. The liberal progressive city and state governments will not protect any Trump supporter from physical abuse or general harm. Therefore, the organizers of MAGA demonstrations must anticipate the forthcoming and prepare for the worst outcome.

When those of the opposition to civic order equips with helmet, shield, baseball bat, and bricks, their intent is not to debate some argumentative merit—this is not the time to break out a camera, rely on one’s lawful behavior, or to disburse. It is the time to call in and tactically maneuver the embodied, equally armed, protectorates. The use of reasonable coercive force to counter coercive force is the definition of self-defense—the defense of another and the defense of a third party  

The loss of the presidential election amplifies the apparent need for self-protection. The average ally of Trump conservatism or opponent of the Biden Harris brand of progressive socialism would not ordinarily carry clubs, bricks, shields, or frozen plastic water bottles. The intent of the counterparties of Biden Harris, validated by their action, is not to suppress thought or voice. Conservatives endorse law and order as the bedrock of civil society.

ANTIFA and BLM are not interested in deductive rationality nor the societal sense of reasonableness. They want to rid the nation of the common sense of righteousness. Like the bully in the schoolyard, he/she of ANTIFA and BLM only respond to the like same in response. They are willing contrivers, contrarians, and belligerent doctrinaires. Prompted by the direction of the strongest wind, they chase after what does not exist. Believing the end justifies the means, they set aside virtue, moral sensibility, and countervailing arguments.

We conservatives cannot wax our ears, cover our eyes, and ignore cognitive sensibilities while these ignoramuses attempt to destroy our constitutional republic.  

Deal With It

It’s mid-November, the shocking result of Tuesday the 3rd, election day has settled into grievous acceptance. There are caveats, hesitations, and concerns over the legality and general fairness of the Democratic win, but a win it is. And as a Democratic Party pundit righteously suggested: “suck it up, you lost.”

Now is the time for blame—a who to accuse, condemn, and prosecute possibly by public caning. Hot-blooded revenge must find satisfaction. Of course, there is no time for a proper investigation, so I recommend Decimation. Every tenth person in the Trump re-election campaign shall step forward for punishment.

But first, some assumptions: Yes, deeply committed liberal-progressive ideologues and their “useful idiot” brethren did act illegally, extralegally, and in ways perfectly legal to procure votes for the Biden Harris ticket. Is this the reason for the Trump-Pence loss? The answer is No.

The Republican Party, since the Regan era, because of their insistence on the utility of rational and reasonable, has not been able to speak persuasively to the American people. Americans receive newsworthy data via subliminal imaging, the conscious reading or viewing of information, and the persuasion of a friend, family, academic influencers, and political pundits. Therefore, personal regards blossom before one can establish an educated opinion. After all, feelings have no factual requirements. A collection of ambiguous factoids, coupled with imaginative images, are sufficient to deduce a thought contrary to Republican inducement.

Conservates find it hard to understand the Democrats winning on pledging to raise taxes and, at the same time, ending tax cuts, credits, instating medicare for all. Eliminating student loan debt, ending fracking on federal lands, re-joining the global warning crazies, initiating the new green deal, reinstating a governing regulatory emphasis, bailing out Blue State pension debt, re-imagining public safety, ending school choice, and enforcing abortion as a viable alternative.

When less than half of the population pays no taxes (a sort of disenfranchisement of the obligatory rights of citizenship), they know that it is the majority of the populace that will pay, not them. So raising taxes sounds useful to them. It’s the tried and true vote buying policy of give them bread, circus, and beer.

How and why was the re-election of Donald J. Trump a failure?

Amazingly, the R-party’s leadership could not convince enough of the American electorate of the Democrats’ wrongheaded policies. Or was the issue of concern not policies, but President Trumps’s insistence on a Trumpian governing style?

The president administered the nation as if the C.E.O of a worldwide private corporation. The United States is not a company; instead, it is a representative republic presented as a democracy. The president of this republic can hire and fire but must do so with respect and protocol. He cannot praise the nominee going into an office and vilify the very person going out.

President Trump worked diligently to make enemies of the rich, the famous, the critical, Field Officers of the armed forces, the elected, and arbitrarily anyone who displeased him. Well, as a private person, that’s a personal business decision. As the President of The United States, this sort of behavior is dysfunctional and inappropriate.

He invited the foxes into the henhouse and, I assume, convinced himself that truth and transparency would win the day. Incredibly, such a naïve, stupid, and insurmountably hurtful action, his inclination for self-destruction is remarkable.

Nonetheless, President Trump’s contribution to the Republican Party, America, and its people was and is a worthy blessing. He is a good man, a great president. I am disappointed in my fellow citizens’ disregard of all the solidly favorable policies in favor of a weak Biden espousing socialist tendencies. However, Trump could not overcome his greatest challenge: Donald J Trump.

The Election and the Divide

Because human behavior is unpredictable, often counter-sensible, even dysfunctional, laws not men governed the United States of America. Well, that’s the concept. However, as one example among many, persons managing sanctuary cities blatantly disobey federal immigration statutes—the wanton single-mindedness of preferential discretion results in the overt disrespect of the law, as well as, extralegal avoidance.  

Since the ratification of the U.S. Constitution of 1789, a republic founded on federalism and the principle of democratically elected representation, enacted a central government purposefully limited in power, such a government has, and will always have, its original intention contested.

The Civil War of 1861 to 1865 was a lethal threat to a divided nation. Today, ideological differing that affect divergent domestic and foreign policies have once again separated one half of the U. S. population from the other.

Multiple lawbreaking manifestations have evolved into violent riotous looting, killings, bodily injuries, and criminal acts within the nation’s large cities.

Considered counterproductive is tolerance for and understanding of another’s contrary political or socioeconomic perspective.

Scurrilous accusations have replaced thoughtful disagreement. Factoids have evolved into “the truth of the matter.” Under oath is the only standard for truth telling; otherwise, outright boldface and blatant lies fly untethered under the ensign of a Machiavellian result.

The results of this pending election will either confirm America’s longstanding commitment to capitalism, the cultural integrity of accepting self-reliance, liberty, and individualism as exceptional American virtues, or the embrace of a top-down governing by pseudo-know-it-all wonk experts, appointed bureaucrats, non elected staff, academic elitist, socialists, and professional politicians.

A Trump victory is the only answer to the nation’s issues and problems.

The Kvetching

As to the president’s recent announcement of a supreme court nomine, I am intrigued by the Democrats’ touting of fairness and precedence while belaboring the raw power tactics of Mitch McConnell. This accusatory reminds me of Rick’s Café in the film Casablanca wherein Captain Renault announced that he was “shocked, shocked” to see gambling while pocketing his winnings.

Imagine the absurdity of charging a politician from an opposing political party with the utility of raw power politics? Such a charging statement is as ineffective and benign as accusing elected representatives, the New York Times, or CNN of hypocrisy, contrarianism, hyper-exaggeration, or blatant material lying.  

The Biden Harris offerings (if elected) increases taxation for individual and corporate. The implementation of the new green deal. Stacking the Supreme Court, Statehood for a city and territories, universal healthcare, reimaging police departments, free medical care for illegals, paddy cake foreign policies that will enable Iran and China, and only the all-knowing can foresee what else.

In the trenches of the present, governors of the Blue persuasion are doing their very best to stall and diminish revenue growth. Nancy Pelosi is wishing and hoping for an electoral victory instead of agreeing to another stimulus. Biden is doing his best to expose less, risk nothing, and tow the “no man’s land” between moderate, socialist, and progressive.

Assure American values Vote for Trump

Lawful Vs Chaos

Officers of the court, the elected and appointed, all ably supported by the “see no evil in radicalism” management of CNN, ABC, NBC, CNBC, and the leftist cult of the liberal progressive socialist movement have successfully exploited the “I hate Trump” narrative. Ivy league academia populated with Ph.D.’s of this and that. These pedagogues, experts of just about everything, pragmatically inapplicable. Are, for the most part, Haute cultured, well-read contradictory contrarian sophist.

Judge Ginsberg has passed. There is a vacancy on the Supremes. Some have injected the nuances of fairness as a reason not to appoint and confirm a new justice. They plead and cajole, threaten retaliation, call such an appointment a pure harsh unmitigated power grab, appeal to the god of goodness, lollipops, rainbows, and unicorns. To no avail, they languish in their sorrowfulness and blame Trump for their misfortune.

The battle cry of the Democratic Party is “No Biden No Peace.” We have received the warnings of the forthcoming on November 3,4,5,6,7, and onward until the resurrection is forcibly put down.

No governing or human value precedes lawful order; chaos breeds chaos anarchy is foolish and unrealistic. Conservative principles must overwhelm and discipline the riotous inclinations of the dissenters, intransigents, and members of the resistance.

Trump must win!


“Tho’ this was a confounded lie, my friend, ‘all is fair in love and war.’ ” This adage most vigorously applies to the tactics, or one might call the “slings, and arrows” of politics in a presidential election year.

The Democratic Party’s wherewithal has erected the resource and fundraising conduit to transform the present socio-economic-judicial-legislative systems of America into a globalist government managed by top-down socialist experts.

Assuming the tactics of Saul Alinsky, recruiting the cadre of useful idiots, sporting contrarianism while practicing anarchism founded on the ideology of nihilism is the open-ended strategy of Black Lives Matter and their ally Antifa.

Allied by the intimidated, by willful opportunist, the feeble-minded, criminals, the misunderstood, better known as the not sympathetically appreciated and the appeal of mindless wanderlust, the ranks of BLM and Antifa fulfilled.

I bet that these boys and girls of BLM and Antifa are not voting for Trump; therefore, by default, their allegiance is to Biden. Will they break from destruction and mayhem to vote well, only time will reveal?

Not wanting to promote even in a limited manner the reelection of Trump, Democratic governors, mayors, and legislators are fearful of righteousness. Doing the right thing, such as accepting federal help (to quell the chaos), lifting coronavirus restrictions, and eliminating the blanket mailing of voter ballots to thousands may aid in Trump’s reelection, so no dice.

This election is consequential…

The Conflict

Within a political setting (Democratic convention), the former presidents, Obama and Clinton have spoken. As if bare-knuckled pugilists of the 1880’s in their damnation of President Trump. They were committed to scurrilous attacks, employing Norman Mailer’s factoids to blend in with artfully designed near-truths and somewhat believable lies.

Democrats have abandoned “The ideal of truth, justice, and the American way” and prolifically embraced institutionalized-systemic racism as the cause de jour. Such is the unreasonable sum of the liberal progressives’ illogical rationalization. Today’s cadre of nonsensical-contrarian obsessive-hypocritical acolytes of social justice-these disenfranchised by edict citizens of color-police harassed, economically stymied, and culturally hampered destroyers of neighborhoods, businesses, and the lives of their fellow citizens require repression.

Unless lawlessness captures the castle and executes all inhabitants, therefore, transcending into the new lawful these mercenaries, practitioners of totalitarian tactics, cannot achieve their hereto opaque intent. Possibly, aging has eroded my ability to deductively deduce; nonetheless, aside from destroying the works and lives of their fellow Americans, their nihilistic ways have achieved nothing.

As if infected by phototaxis, thousands of the young adults are attracted to the light of socialism. They do so with an attitude of we know what’s suitable and beneficial—besieging onlookers that their moral right to destroy is vested in the concept of the collective best.

This next election with a Trump victory will require, in Blue-States jurisdictions, a proclamation of martial law. Unless Trump wins Congress and the Presidency, the upcoming election will settle nothing.

Is It Was It All A Ruse

Is self-rule in the mode of a constitutional republic operationally feasible or is such a mode no more than a theoretical concept, an academic ideal generated by naïve Pollyanna theorist. Possibly the Republic of America is an unintentionally derived, even unwittingly developed ruse. Wherein the words of the 1789 constitution upon application in the real world of manipulative attorneys and schemers enshrouded as elected representatives of the people use ambiguity, artful deceit, and the process of the untimely court system to grasp unfettered power.

When scofflaws, opportunists, and rioters command and control city streets, the law-abiding seek uniformed protection. Sanctioned security denied enables criminals. Fortifies the will of useful idiots and disables the essential workings of government services.

To a significant degree, we only know what we see and hear. Newsgathering and dissemination are a multibillion-dollar industry. All information, regardless of source, is subject to bias. Nonetheless, as readers, listeners, and viewers, we are profoundly dependent on those entities that gather and disseminate. The distinction between opinion and news has become so blended that the differing of objective and subjective is indistinguishable. Seemingly the flow of newsworthy information flows through a gauntlet of accepted (by program producers) ideologically founded narratives. Wherein reporting highlights, the producer’s description and evades and avoids events counter to accepted narratives.

When departments and agencies such as the FBI, D.O.J, and the F.I.S.A Court break the law by using their power to damage a political opponent and political party illegally, with no recourse, we have lost the republic.

The policies of Biden and Harris will erase America as “the home of the brave and land of the free.” Upon their election, the transformation from a Trump economy to a Biden will stifle individual freedom and State rights. The national government will stave out federalism. The nation will evolve into a functionally parliamentary system of governing. A vote for Biden is a vote to end the American way of life.

The Will To Act

Other than the reality that the humans of today have weapons that can destroy the world. Nothing much as changed since a humanoid applied a sharpened object onto a stick.

As a nation-state, we, as with our ancestors, have enemies foreign and domestic. Respective of wishing otherwise figurative and physical walls along with a potent armed force remains a critical defense to our offense. Wars won, or loss did not and does not deter the continuance of warring.

Importantly, however, the United States, since 1945, the most powerful nation within the free world, demonstratively lacked the will to eliminate worldwide threats to democratic principles and governess. From the end of WWII to present, America has expended trillions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of lives, rivers of blood, and gore for little to no measurable gain. Fearful of addressing the apparent and more concerned about the next election, then opening their eyes, political leadership has chosen meaningless words over decisive action. Eisenhower won the presidency by declaring that he will end the war in Korea. NOT if elected, I will ensure victory. Because of such non-action, Korea is a nuclear-armed gangster nation, a rouge menace to world stability.

This nation’s (presumed as enlightened) leaders, when threatened by a foreign enemy, are inclined to seek common ground, find an alternative, and as with governments of the past, exampled by North Korea offer bribes.

We Americans have developed and embraced a naivete more suited for a movie script or a comic book of Superman, Batman, and Captain America, than the actuality of inter-nation contesting.

Americans cannot accept the historical evidence that peace is a sublime idyllic. Peace is a non-achievable ideal and therefore should never be considered an actual policy goal.

It is not if I am right that has stupendous ramifications. It is if those that think and vote other wise are wrong that enables socialism via non-recourse statutory legislation and executive orders that matters.

Abruptly speaking: Withstanding the numerous mistakes of our past, if the Democratic Party wins the next election, America, as we conservatives have known, is trashed. Socialist and socialism will dominate every and all aspects of the heretofore American way of life. China and Russia will have won.