Politicians and their political nonsense

Compromise is an accepted measure of practice of politics
By William Robert Barber 

America of today has five all important elements of immense concern:  Immigration, the war, government entitlements, the costly methodology of civil litigation, taxation and the immensely frustrating irritant; it is imperative that these elements of concern (and the immensely frustrating irritant) are immediately addressed.  Nonetheless, these all important concerns cannot be affirmably managed because of the politicians and their political nonsense.  Both parties are overly focused on their preservation of power and this insistence on power preservation predominates and suppresses all obligations, responsibilities, and sensibilities.

This craziness, this lunacy, this behavioral malfunction of sensibility has been a vicious element of the democratic process since the concept of democratic governing in ancient Greece.  Within the United States surely since George Washington’s second administration and the start up of political parties’ sensibility was in deeply sincere competition and at times was totally replaced by loyalty, nepotism, affiliation, and networking or cross purpose connections.

In politics a practice is accepted as long as in some fashion the result is perceived to mutually benefit the contesting parties and or their political affiliations.  There is a political commonality of acceptance, wherein, one will tribute the least in the interest of compromise; such compromise may of course be in final form the contrary of original intent; nevertheless, compromise is an accepted measure of practice of politics.

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