The Second Clinton Presidency

The Clinton Style
by: William Robert Barber

No one could doubt the charismatic appeal of Bill Clinton; a good looking male with obvious panache, a stud-like man of power, personable, a real charmer who could harness consensus among the most adamantly polarized; a politician’s politician.

It was President Bill Clinton that captured the very essence of an old saying: “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?” No person could have ever pulled off the impossible, no person but, the man himself: Mr. Democrat Bill Clinton.

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Call Me Skeptical But Politicians Will Raise Taxes

Taxes feed the stupendous growth of government

By: William Robert Barber
Taxation is a mandatory absolute; as tangible to life as mortality and the effects of aging; however, taxing the people should be a measured act of last resort not the Go-To solution to the complex issues of governing.

Both the Democrats and Republicans will, have, and will again, with intentional consistently, raise taxes. Raising taxes and fees is the methodology of appeasing a voting segment of the population. After all how else does a politician get reelected to office if not to promise some benefit supported by some tax originate-derivative or a creative, or maybe not so creative, governmentally, imposed fee?

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Surplus Tax Monies – Friendly Corruption

Accommodate and Distribute
Authored by WRB

Congress has conspired to fix the price of taxation and then by means of transparent and not so transparent tactics the congressional voting majority have agreed to an accommodation of distribution that favors those states with long serving members, nevertheless, in the interest of accommodation, the majority do share, when gainful, some of this cash with junior members or even a governor or two representing states who are a promising electoral advantage for the national political party. Naturally, the standard accommodation of distribution has exceptions to long serving members when such is concurrent with some scheme of future political advantage or redemption; or to almost any other self serving cause of political expediency.

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The Myth That Life is Valuable

Does the State have the right to take a human life?
Authored by: William Robert Barber

Recently, two convicts were paroled from prison, they almost immediately, upon release attacked a doctor and his family; these two criminals robbed, tormented, raped, and murdered the doctor’s wife and children. A parole board that authorized the early release of these killers stated that the board had followed procedure and therefore no mistake was made. A statement of interesting arrogance that spat directly into the face of the doctor’s family and all citizen who rely on the justice and prison system for protection.

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What If American Business Is Not Penalized For Success?

“No government can exist without taxation. This money must necessarily be levied on the people; and the grand art consists of levying so as not to oppress.” — Frederick the Great, 18th Century Prussian king

Authored by: William Robert Barber

For the overwhelming majority of American small businesses: In order to initiate a business endeavor the entrepreneur must pay fees, licenses, deposits, hire an accountant, attorney, and other such cost collateral to founding the business of interest. Often the business owner subordinates real and personal property and signs a personal guarantee in support of a bank loan to fund his or her small business. If the entrepreneur fails, the business closes and all is lost.


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America Requires a Leader

A leader is not influenced by opinion polls.
Authored by: William Robert Barber

For many, many, years long before the militarism of Suddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden’s declarations of jihad, the PLO’s decision to inflict upon its own people the madness of organized disorder and years before the formation of Hammas, Americans have endured the horror of unabated terrorist assaults upon its sovereign, its citizens, and its worldwide interest.

The government of the United States has been baffled, befuddled, confused, and stymied; America’s response to the killing of its citizens and the destruction of property was to issue threats. These threats were issued by the nation’s most senior representatives in a most sobering and dramatic manner. The style was delivered with the theatrical panache befitting an edict issued by a pseudo-Darth Vader; full of hyperbolic Wild West like innuendos alluding to the possible, maybe, under certain conditions retribution if the cowardly terrorists do not stop killing innocent people. Well, such threats were obviously ineffective; factually, terrorist and their incidents of mayhem only increased.

American leadership failed to adequately respond; until finally, the homeland was attacked. Thousands of Americans were killed.

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In America, He Who Has The Most Money Wins

Authored by: William Robert Barber

Since the issuance by law of discovery preceding trial; lawyers have utilized the discovery period as a mutually beneficial dance for billing hours between defense and plaintiff. The client’s swing to and fro awaiting the next round of cause for billing hours; the clients are layman subordinated into the pit of trust and parry as their attorneys reap the financial benefits of their befuddlement. In America, with some notable exceptions, he who has the most money wins. Lawsuits have become tools for business negotiations, the curtailing of competitive interference, and the primary reasoning for compromise or non-action; there is no end to the possibilities of hampering the opposition via the serving of a lawsuit. Unscrupulous lawyers and illicit lawsuits are rarely challenged. The ethical ethos of practicing law has dramatically changed the field of play; evil and gangster – like behavior of the legal representative to the counter party; extortion is the leverage utilized, as a result, claims are settled because not to settle would cost more than the settlement.


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