In America, He Who Has The Most Money Wins

6 08 2007

Authored by: William Robert Barber

Since the issuance by law of discovery preceding trial; lawyers have utilized the discovery period as a mutually beneficial dance for billing hours between defense and plaintiff. The client’s swing to and fro awaiting the next round of cause for billing hours; the clients are layman subordinated into the pit of trust and parry as their attorneys reap the financial benefits of their befuddlement. In America, with some notable exceptions, he who has the most money wins. Lawsuits have become tools for business negotiations, the curtailing of competitive interference, and the primary reasoning for compromise or non-action; there is no end to the possibilities of hampering the opposition via the serving of a lawsuit. Unscrupulous lawyers and illicit lawsuits are rarely challenged. The ethical ethos of practicing law has dramatically changed the field of play; evil and gangster – like behavior of the legal representative to the counter party; extortion is the leverage utilized, as a result, claims are settled because not to settle would cost more than the settlement.



Whatever happened to the concept of fair and just? Lawyers laugh at the notion of such naivety and layman silliness; lawyers turned politician have eliminated transparency and the simplicity of lawlessness. In its place we have laws that require the payment of legal fees to decipher their meaning and heaven forbid on needs and legal representation.




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