America Requires a Leader

7 08 2007
A leader is not influenced by opinion polls.
Authored by: William Robert Barber

For many, many, years long before the militarism of Suddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden’s declarations of jihad, the PLO’s decision to inflict upon its own people the madness of organized disorder and years before the formation of Hammas, Americans have endured the horror of unabated terrorist assaults upon its sovereign, its citizens, and its worldwide interest.

The government of the United States has been baffled, befuddled, confused, and stymied; America’s response to the killing of its citizens and the destruction of property was to issue threats. These threats were issued by the nation’s most senior representatives in a most sobering and dramatic manner. The style was delivered with the theatrical panache befitting an edict issued by a pseudo-Darth Vader; full of hyperbolic Wild West like innuendos alluding to the possible, maybe, under certain conditions retribution if the cowardly terrorists do not stop killing innocent people. Well, such threats were obviously ineffective; factually, terrorist and their incidents of mayhem only increased.

American leadership failed to adequately respond; until finally, the homeland was attacked. Thousands of Americans were killed.

The question is why after 40 odd years of varying degrees of terrorist inspired acts of violence and deadly abuse did this country not act directly with a multi purposed, multi functional, inter-departmentalized offensive policy to eliminate the leadership and their underlings of these terrorist organizations? Why didn’t America destroy the hosting facilities respective of where they were found? Why did America continue to financially support the incredibly corrupt PLO organization? If America’s response to the Twin Towers was ineffectual because governmental agencies and departments did not disseminate information, if our intelligence gathering and analysis departments proved less than outstanding, how could this not be the fault of Congress? If it is the fault of Congress how could we have those very peoples form a committee to advise the Executive? America had 40 years of Congressional and Executive leadership to anticipate the issue before there is a problem; instead, of protecting the nation the America’s ostrich like leadership harvested votes by earmark, song, and dance.

Because: In the stead of leadership we have decisions made by focus groups, polls, and appointed committees. The implementations of those decisions are delegated to committee chair and co-chair each representing the interest of competing political parties. Credit and debit are their objective; the goal is to win the next election. Attorneys are predominating and integral to any action, attorneys manage, contract, litigate, and tally billing hours they do not lead; hence, America has no leader.

America has no leader because neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate have term limits; hence, the incumbents’ motivational interest is not to solve the problem but to simply stay in office. The golden rule of staying in office is not to give a contestable issue to the opposition; therefore, do not act outside of the box of predetermined party positions on policy. One is advised to stay within the charter of precedence such is a very sound re-election philosophy. The political party’s policy is to encourage the elected representative to never make an individualistic stand; he or she is to never be measured. As a consequence America inherently can never have a leader.

The media propagandists (television, radio, newsletters, magazines, and newspapers) are also divided into political ideology and revel in the fictional, fractional, pieces and parts that fuel the bureaucracy of governing; they are the provocateurs of the conflicting and disharmonious. With implied intent, they blur the difference between truth and fiction; within their allocation of politically undeclared assumptions and presumptions the reader is moved from left to right or maybe right to left. They are the modern novelist; dabbling daily in the reporting of heretofore government secrets, tittle-tattles, and lies. They liberally comment on the rightful and wrongful doings of military and political strategies, reading the minds of politicians, generals, prime ministers and presidents; they are the insightful harbingers that truly understand what is best for the common and the unwashed. These media polyglots, these exceptions to the average with little regard for the factual will scurrilously attack all who dare raise their head above the mundane or precedent. They will attack not only the politician but also his family, friends, and his or her distant past. They have no regard for civility only the sway of their power. The media has a working distain for leadership hence America has no leader.

The present is a time wherein hundreds of thousands even millions could die if a terrorist is effective. America needs a leader who is unabashed in his or her beliefs; this leader must lead with a core understanding of the issues and a clear focused solution; the burden of leading the world falls on America.

Such a leader can not lead by compromise; a leader must lead by compelling persuasion founded on clearly defined solutions; a leader can not seek a committee to lead, nor may a leader find resolve in a focus group, a leader is not influenced by opinion polls or pundits. America is a result-oriented culture; results are the natural aggregate of a successful leader’s principles of engagement-America requires a leader.




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