The Myth That Life is Valuable

11 08 2007
Does the State have the right to take a human life?
Authored by: William Robert Barber

Recently, two convicts were paroled from prison, they almost immediately, upon release attacked a doctor and his family; these two criminals robbed, tormented, raped, and murdered the doctor’s wife and children. A parole board that authorized the early release of these killers stated that the board had followed procedure and therefore no mistake was made. A statement of interesting arrogance that spat directly into the face of the doctor’s family and all citizen who rely on the justice and prison system for protection.

One would think that if there ever was a reason to endorse the death penalty this crime would surely be an excellent model; nevertheless, there is a persuasion of influence that believes that the state never has the right to take a human life. This premise is founded on the presumption that human life is of value and that value supersedes the power of government’s interpretation of a just penalty. Such a persuasion is duplicitous, illogical, delusional, and counter intuitive.

If one would truthfully and impassively measure humankind’s historical behavior the premise that human life (aside from persons of family and intimates) has significant value is a myth. I will not bore the reader with a long list of documented acts of violent deadly behavior nor will I speak of our death deifying sports complete with heroes worshiped by adoring fans nor will I speak of the thousands of unborn or those humans who die world wide, because of untreated illnesses, starvation, or lack of clean water.

Instead, I would like to make my point by introducing a measure that if written into the law of the land will significantly reduce death and injury in this country, it would end our dependence on foreign oil, insurance premiums would abate by half, If human life is of such a high priority, if we believe that no factor of human conduct trumps the value of life then simply pass a federal law limiting the speed limit on the nation’s highways to 35 miles an hour. Of course respective of the benefits, including the benefit of saving human lives, congress will never pass such a law. Congress would never pass such a law not because members are none caring but because the economy trumps the value of human life and the economy would suffer greatly if the speed limit was reduced to 35 miles per hour.

Living within a community of people requires adherents to standards and measures; the penalty for non adherents must include death as the ultimate sanction. To live within a community is not a right; it is, as it has always been, a privilege.

The two killers of the doctor’s family must experience the ultimate sanction; their behavior has negated their privilege to life.


The court TV story on the tragedy




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