Surplus Tax Monies – Friendly Corruption

15 08 2007
Accommodate and Distribute
Authored by WRB

Congress has conspired to fix the price of taxation and then by means of transparent and not so transparent tactics the congressional voting majority have agreed to an accommodation of distribution that favors those states with long serving members, nevertheless, in the interest of accommodation, the majority do share, when gainful, some of this cash with junior members or even a governor or two representing states who are a promising electoral advantage for the national political party. Naturally, the standard accommodation of distribution has exceptions to long serving members when such is concurrent with some scheme of future political advantage or redemption; or to almost any other self serving cause of political expediency.

Withstanding the exceptions, the point is that surplus monies derived from excessive taxation grease the wheels of all governing components resulting in at a minimum a benign gentle sense of friendly corruption to the malignant disregard of ethical principles in favor of power for its own sake. Surplus monies are an apparent obvious reality when off budget funding via earmarks or other monies by other means provide millions of dollars to recipients who just as easily could be named them, those, they, or often enough-It.

This is the operational scope of Congress; the function of these legislators is to distribute the excessive amounts of monies derived from fixing the price of taxation so that their particular party has an upper hand in the next election.

Fixing the price of taxation is founded on three elements of an accepted, economically appealing, time-tested, political hypothesis propagated with sober decorum by politicians representing every ideological persuasion:

Promise anything;
Exaggerate everything;
Remembering that . . . Style always trumps substance.

These three elements churned into a creative but necessarily repetitive context delivered orally, graphically, and distributed in the printed word have a proven record of political success. The utilization of these three elements is the founding reasoning of excessive taxation and the resulting surplus.

Congress loves new federal programs in fact there is not a federal program that they dislike. Federal programs (all of them) are no less than gleeful opportunity for their favorite graft, finding methods for skimming funds from federal programs. These representative stay in office because they bring home the bacon. It is of little to no concern if the monies are needed or that the monies are spent on worthwhile endeavors. What matters is that hometown votes are paid for though the manipulation of federal funds. Give them circus and bread. /June 21, 2007
Despite promises, few in House publicize earmarks

“In 2006, Congress approved a record $29 billion in earmarks. Those spending requests — often derided as “pork” — fund everything from road construction and research grants to ski lifts and minor league baseball diamonds. Legislators view these projects as important proof they are serving their constituents back home.”


Find out how your representative responded to being asked to make public their chosen earmarks CNN


Imagine! It is not against the law to establish a business that only exists to feed off federal funds. Within my imaginary descriptive: This federal dependant (business) hires from the community, the president of the company is also the president of Rotary and the vice president is head of the chamber of commerce; both individuals and the propped up business financially support the incumbent’s PAC; all is well and legal.

Money can be corruptive; more money encumbers moral judgment; lots of money enables arrogance, disables sensibility, and vacates humility; bunches of money blatantly rejects virtue in the interest of power; tons of cash lubricants the mechanics of an unbridled government and facilities the election of accommodating representatives.

In order to stop this cycle of statutory compliant corruption one must end the feeding of government’s need for more; there is a proportionate relationship between gross tax revenue and government’s illicit use of that tax income. One must not continue to sip the beguiling elixir of economic nonsense wherein politicians motivated by naiveté, silliness, ignorance, or self-promotion declare that the ills of society can be mended by more taxes. Taxation should be treated as a means of last resort not a bottomless cash barrel that preys on its citizens for more.

The amount of freedom retained by an individual is gauged realistically on the percentage of discretionary free cash, net, after all tax obligations paid. Freedom is dependant on the less of taxation never the more.




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