The Second Clinton Presidency

29 08 2007
The Clinton Style
by: William Robert Barber

No one could doubt the charismatic appeal of Bill Clinton; a good looking male with obvious panache, a stud-like man of power, personable, a real charmer who could harness consensus among the most adamantly polarized; a politician’s politician.

It was President Bill Clinton that captured the very essence of an old saying: “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?” No person could have ever pulled off the impossible, no person but, the man himself: Mr. Democrat Bill Clinton.

Mr. Clinton is a winner because he is not a political ideologue; he does not spew scurrilous diatribe unless (of course) there is an attainable political objective; Mr. Clinton is a political animal that only believes in winning; this enlighten methodology, despite numerous efforts by enemies real, imagined, and person, has him kept above the fray of silliness and political suicide.

Now Hilary is not above the fray, she is a believer, a ideologue who actually believes she has the answers to all of the questions; hell, often, she even has the questions; she is the real deal; she is the second coming of Clinton; but, without the genius of consensus or panache; her personable social skills not extending out as far as endowing her with a talent for persuasion. She is the self-appointed, shield and sword carrying dragon slayer of the right-wing conspiracy; she will mold all factions of the Republican Party into a united confederation of the more than willing to oppose.

Hilary is a liberal who believes that government is the solution and corporations must pay their fair share. Not just in taxes, but also their fair share in social justice misgivings. She does not stop there, but, proceeds into indicting these black-hearted corporatist for all their bane ethical-moral behavior; behavior that a good trial lawyer could not necessarily sustained in civil court. One must understand, for Hilary and her club of ‘those who know much more than the rest’, corporations and the people who run them are tricksters; they take advantage, they purposefully lobby various governing agencies to give them the edge over the little guys. The Bastards! Well, of course there are exceptions for example, these negative opinions do NOT apply to her Arkansas business clients, or former companies wherein, she was a board member, certainly this opinion does NOT apply to corporate contributors of her political campaign, land developers, and well, there are more of the same, but, I think the point has been made. LA Times published a story on Hillary’s fund-raising. “Fugitive in Plain Sight”

Contradictions and mistakes are all a part of being human; Hilary is human. Nevertheless, she has survived and initiated some super human unbelievable experiences for example:

She decided that universal health care was an American right and persuaded her way into alienation and defeat. “Hilary Care”

Chicago Sun Tribune by: Mark Silva

Back in 1995 — 16 months before he was re-elected — Bill Clinton began spending $85 million on negative ads aimed at the GOP and our eventual presidential nominee, Bob Dole. Hillary wants to follow the same playbook and has dispatched her husband, the Fundraiser-in-Chief, to headline events and remind liberals of the “Two-for-One” package you get if the Clintons are in the White House. And you know what that would mean:

— The return of Hillary-Care — the one-size-fits-all health care system Hillary tried to force through in 1993 that would put bureaucrats in Washington in charge of your health care choices instead of your doctor.

She made a $1000.00 bet in the commodities option market and walked away with $100,000. How’s that for unbelievable?

After many years of marital bliss with the politician’s politician she could not figure out wild Bill’s extra curricular activities; she was shocked and dismayed at the Monica event. She made the early call though calling the event a vast right wing conspiracy to oust Mr. Personable.




‘Everybody in politics lies, but the Clintons

do it with such ease, it’s troubling,’

Newsweek –

Hillary expected an attack from the right. But the shots came from an old Hollywood buddy of Bill’s.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images
The Clintons at the 2004 Democratic Convention:

If the conservatives are lucky Hilary will beat out all Democratic opposition; I can see her acceptance speech now…from that night forward she will lose any and all possibilities to be the commander-in-chief, leader of the free world, President of the United States; Bill will be devastated the liberals will sue for fraudulent misrepresentation; Gore and Kerry will smile with that I told you so look all over their faces.




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