Time in Service Feeds Susceptibility to Corruption

Let’s get the entrenched rascals out!
By: William Robert Barber

It was in President Washington’s second term that political parties and partisan alignment along differing political ideology gained enough contentiousness to set in opposition the interest of party over the interest of nation and its people. One could forecast such inevitability; after all, has not history proven that such an occurrence is part of the DNA of original thesis. Was it not Hegel who suggested thesis, antithesis, synthesis, and then back to thesis as the natural pattern of human behavior? Has not every mainstream religion eventually found or evolved into a cause, a reason, for contentious realignment and the continuance of such realignment into perpetuity? It seems normal therefore that political ideology should follow the same pattern.

Or should a citizen demand a change of pattern; a contrary of the old school of political parties gaining votes for the simple sake of gaining power. Is it possible that those politicians and their patrons, staff, public relation minions, office seekers, lobbyist, and the extended family of obligors could be persuaded to change their behavior? Is it possible for a citizen to demand that the nation and its people retain the primary place of concern and interest and the parties regress into the background of facilitating and administrating?

More than likely not…

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Is The Nation Ready for an Independant Third Candidate?

An Independent Third Candidate
By: John LeBoutillier

Folks, Jim is right in his blog about a candidate with Newt’s vision …but I really think the problem is that both parties are corrupt to the core…and both have fallen into predictable paths of family dynasty, thus the crushing of dissent, the my-way-or-you’re-through, etc….the real key to winning is for an Independent Third Candidate to run against both parties…and to blame – correctly – our national problems: Iraq, immigration, health care etc – on both parties. 

This Independent Third Candidate – and I do not know who this person is – could win. 

The nation is ready for it.

If a half-nut like Perot could get 19% after dropping out and back into the race, then a good candidate with the inherent conservatism that 65% of the American voters have, could win – especially against two hacks like Hillary and one of these GOP-Bush-Clones.

With Bush at 29% and Congress at 11%, you can see the public is furious and sickened.

And if there is a recession in 2008, well then anything can happen….

The Bizarre Request of President Ahmadinejad to Lay a Wreath at Ground Zero

NY Sun Article: U.S. May Escort Ahmadinejad to Ground Zero

A Slightly Different Idea
By: John LeBoutillier

Arrest President Ahmadinejad  in NYC – not for his proxy war in Iraq – but for his role in the 1979 seizure of our US Embassy in Tehran and the holding of our 53 hostages for 444 days! Oh, and he and his fellow ‘students’ violated ‘diplomatic immunity’ back then – and have never been punished for it.  So we are entirely in the clear if we grab him in NY. 

Of course Bush will never do it. He and his team have tried to hide Ahmadinejad’s role in the Hostage Crisis. 

But the Iranians wouldn’t have a leg to stand on – if we use the testimony of our hostages who overwhelmingly to this day swear he was one of their captors.

Is There a Candidate With Newt’s Vision of a Better America?

A Vision of a Better America
By:  Jim Stockdale

One the basis of clarity of vision, intellectual power, and the courage to get things done, Newt Gingrich is the best candidate for President in either party.  I’m sorry he isn’t running.   I will vote for the GOP candidate who understands and accepts Newt’s vision of a better America.   I hope such a candidate emerges.    

You will note that Gingrich has had the courage to distance himself from the folly of the current occupant in the White House.   To do so is essential for a Republican candidate to be elected President in 2008.  

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WW11 – The Last Hot War America Has Won

Opinion Journal Article: Ken Burns Returns to War
By: Jim Stockdale

091907burns.jpgI’ve watched the other Ken Burns documentaries.  He is simply the best.   I’ll watch this one with nostalgia because WW11 is the last hot war America has won.   Reagan won the cold war but that victory has been frittered away by the Bush and Clinton administrations. I know this comment will be lost on anyone under 40 who went to public schools but some of us older ones remember reading about the fall of the Roman empire and why.   What was it Yogi Berra said–“deji vu all over again”.  

Ken Burns Returns to War
His 14 1/2-hour documentary debuts on PBS next week.

Good News for Islamists, But Not So Good for the Rest of Us

History Repeating Itself
By: Jim Stockdale

Islam, the Marxism of Our Time

By: Theodore Dalrymple
17 September 2007  

Some troubling signs in Europe is a very insightful article.   Russia turned to Marxism in the early 1900s.   It took over 85 years and the fortitude of Ronald Reagan to defeat it.  The world saw it coming in the early 1900’s and did nothing.   We see it coming back again as Islam and are doing nothing.   It seems as though the liberal west has lost its backbone to survive.   After all, history does repeat itself.

The Current GOP is Without Ideology or Principles

Alan Greenspan’s Disturbing Observations
By:  Jim Stockdale

I’ve returned from a few days in Portland to read exerpts of the new book by Alan Greenspan which will be on sale tomorrow.   Alan Greenspan, a self described libertarian Republican, has been a respected economist and head of the Federal Reserve.   His observations are disturbing to say the least.  For example,  “the war in Iraq is all about oil”.  That Bush refused to veto outrageous federal spending and that the Bush economic policy is a disaster.   Both Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh place Hilary Clinton 80%-20% to be elected President–primarily because Bush is so awful.   Personally I agree with my  friend the late Mike Deaver, and I quote him, “George W. Bush is the worst president in the history of the Republic”.   My point–the Republicans to have even a slight chance of winning in 2008 must immediately distance themselves from Bush.   To paraphrase Gingrich, they (the GOP candidates for President) must discuss bold new solutions to chronic problems.   They can’t be timid and tinker around the edges.   My guess–they won’t.   The current GOP is without ideology, principle and afraid to clutch the baby away from the poisoned breast of George W. Bush