America Is The World’s Policeman

1 09 2007
America: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
By: William Robert Barber

By means of historical happenstance; by events serendipitous and intentional; for reasons obvious and unexplainable; America is the dominant global power; as such, America, and its allies, is directly responsible for world order.

America and its allies have their enemies; there is also the vacillating in numbers surreptitious near enemies that are often even more dangerous then the declared enemies; it is a convoluted world. A world full of contradiction, hypocrisy, and lunacy, there are trading partners who will always seek-by means justified only by result-a more lucrative agreement; they are those nations concerned about regional prestige and global power. There will always be those who seek the more, the better, and the all. This is a historical fact, a rule of practical deductive assessment…the a priori of international savvy.

As we have criminals in a civil society we have the equivalent in the global society. The motivations of these criminals are so diverse and voluminous in nature it boggles the rational mind as to the psychological prompt as well as the antidote for such bane behavior. For reasons unknown, other the obvious, global criminals breach the law, kill humans; destroy property, hopes, dreams, and the lives of innocent children, mothers, brothers, fathers, and sisters. The world definitely needs a policeman.

Contrary to those who live in a world as they wish it was; there can be no doubt that America is the world’s policeman. The need is apparent. Only America can harness, implement, and manage the resources to police the affairs of the world.

America’s dominance is credited to and anchored on the world-wide distribution of its forces, the uncontestable combat experience of its professionals and the technological superiority of its sword. Never in the history of humankind has there ever been a force of arms so tactically intimidating, so lethal in substance, and so strategically superior; the Armed Forces of the United States is the raison d’être for American global dominance.

Nevertheless, it is common knowledge that force of arms is only the most important tangible of global power and as a stand alone will never be an effectual foreign policy. Indeed, the power of persuasion founded on logic, reason, and rational ideas, is the ideal weapon of choice. In the real world of implementing policy by physical force, persuasion is a useful utility and is an intrinsic component of any military offensive. However, without force of arms, the most elegant of persuasive persuasion is impotent, limp, and ineffective.

America is the world leader not simply because of its strength of arms and economy; but, also because there is no other nation or confederation of nations that can stand up to the Russia of Putin aggressiveness, China’s regional designs, could negate Iranian nuclear bomb ambitions, pacify or at a minimum contain the Syrian influence in Lebanon, protect the shipping routes though the Strait of Hormuz, support moderate Muslim countries such as sheikdoms in the United Arab Emirates and moderate Israel response to Hamas; at the same time fight in multiple fronts terrorist that threaten world-wide civility and order; all the while pressing Israel for withdrawal from the illegal settlements.

Surely, such responsibilities could not be assigned to Europe; wherein, the Europeans would with whirlwind like vigor and vitality form a number of committees so to develop a consensus of opinion.

Nor could the leadership of the world or its problems be delegated to the United Nations; despite the insistence by some liberal US politicians of the importance of UN participation and consultation as a precursory to any American foreign policy initiative, we have all seen the disastrous result of UN effectiveness.

Respective of the obvious need for world policeman and as obvious the fact that such a nation could only be America there are the many who adamantly disagree with such a conclusion. They argue that such is presumptuous, arrogant, and another example of an American noxious policy of intimidation.

For many, many, year’s innocents have lost their lives to the noxious policy of starvation, rape, murder, blatant forms of extermination, poisonous gas, bombs aerial and artillery, the list of killing utilities is endless; the number of people slaughtered in the millions. Attempts at relieve has always bogged down on the issue of either disinterest or an endless debate within some impotent committee.

If human life has value, if America is sensitive and heartfelt it will awaken to the reality of the world’s need and take its position as the armed definitive arbiter of international righteousness; some nation must, America because of its global position is obligated to engage; America must defend the weak and the suppressed, feed the hungry; America is the global guarantor of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness




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