The Current GOP is Without Ideology or Principles

Alan Greenspan’s Disturbing Observations
By:  Jim Stockdale

I’ve returned from a few days in Portland to read exerpts of the new book by Alan Greenspan which will be on sale tomorrow.   Alan Greenspan, a self described libertarian Republican, has been a respected economist and head of the Federal Reserve.   His observations are disturbing to say the least.  For example,  “the war in Iraq is all about oil”.  That Bush refused to veto outrageous federal spending and that the Bush economic policy is a disaster.   Both Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh place Hilary Clinton 80%-20% to be elected President–primarily because Bush is so awful.   Personally I agree with my  friend the late Mike Deaver, and I quote him, “George W. Bush is the worst president in the history of the Republic”.   My point–the Republicans to have even a slight chance of winning in 2008 must immediately distance themselves from Bush.   To paraphrase Gingrich, they (the GOP candidates for President) must discuss bold new solutions to chronic problems.   They can’t be timid and tinker around the edges.   My guess–they won’t.   The current GOP is without ideology, principle and afraid to clutch the baby away from the poisoned breast of George W. Bush

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