Is The Nation Ready for an Independant Third Candidate?

An Independent Third Candidate
By: John LeBoutillier

Folks, Jim is right in his blog about a candidate with Newt’s vision …but I really think the problem is that both parties are corrupt to the core…and both have fallen into predictable paths of family dynasty, thus the crushing of dissent, the my-way-or-you’re-through, etc….the real key to winning is for an Independent Third Candidate to run against both parties…and to blame – correctly – our national problems: Iraq, immigration, health care etc – on both parties. 

This Independent Third Candidate – and I do not know who this person is – could win. 

The nation is ready for it.

If a half-nut like Perot could get 19% after dropping out and back into the race, then a good candidate with the inherent conservatism that 65% of the American voters have, could win – especially against two hacks like Hillary and one of these GOP-Bush-Clones.

With Bush at 29% and Congress at 11%, you can see the public is furious and sickened.

And if there is a recession in 2008, well then anything can happen….

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