The Democrat Congress Can Not Lead, They Only Attempt to Manage Public Relations

The Sense of the Common
By: William Robert Barber

Two words: Common Sense…has stood for many, many, years as a synonym for what is considered practical; a sort of sensibility of the majority; equally understood to mean wisdom that is roundly held as commonsensical knowledge. It was the sense of the common that voted in Democrats over Republicans in the last election and it is the sense of the common that forces all of us citizens to endure the resulting consequence of that election. The past election placed in power a Democratic majority that distinguishes itself by silly and absurd behavior; a majority that, without hesitation, will forfeit the practice of good sense in the interest of gaining a larger majority in the next congress; wherein the Democratic representatives disregard legislative urgencies for the sake of making political hay.

Thus the term common sense needs to be changed: I prefer good sense over the sense of the common. Because the last election favored the Democrats congress instead of being a legislative body is an investigative body; current leadership is only interested in what will deliver the executive branch into the Democratic fold. Voir dire is no longer the policy of preference; what matters now is that the result will validate the means.

Harry Reid the leader of the Senate is the crowning glory of a Machiavellian disciple; spurning political opponents with scurrilous nonsense; thrusting, jabbing, and rhetorically slashing away with a careless disrespect for truthfulness.

The Democrats determine policy by polls and focus groups; they can not lead they can only attempt to manage public relations and raise cash. They have sold out their thesis for being to the left wing segment of their party. They believe that Americans have taken a philosophical turn to the left; Americans have not. The overwhelming majority of American’s people actually want to be the most powerful nation on earth; because good sense acknowledges that the alternative is to be the less than most powerful and that is an unacceptable a state of being. Americans are the hardest working people on earth such is a work ethic that is compatible with their interest in existential values; the Democrats believe that the average American needs union representation; that corporations are greedy, anti-worker, and existentialism is dead.

The Democratic Party is managed and lead by far left socialist at best; their interest is to model the government of the United States after the Europeans and the United Nations. Is this the design and desire of common sense or the sense of the common? Instead of congress accepting a working compromise to issues of the day; congress centers its interest on nonsense and personal attacks on persons and the Bush administration. The leader of the Senate broadcast to the whole world that the war in Iraq is lost; the leader of the Senate calls the President of the United States a looser; the leader of the Senate stoops to oral tirades; with stridently slanderous melodrama he intentionally focuses on the denigration of the opposing political party and with carelessly chosen words he makes a fool of himself and his office.

This last election was a disaster for the Republicans and their party; hopefully, the Democratic victory and subsequent practice now clearly measures the two parties’ political and philosophical differences; particularly, as to the comparative ideological parity one has seen the flip side of a Republican majority in the management of congress.

Optimistically, the sense of the common has by election date evolved into the definition good sense; the politically inclined leftist will fail in their attempt to move America into the Democratic Party’s vision of the world by George Soros.

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