America, Pay Attention To The Next Electoral Cycle, So Much Is At Stake

The Liberal Bias for Naiveté as a Matter of Policy
By:  William Robert Barber

 What has happened to the party of FDR and JFK? Seemingly, motivated by rationale influences; and the support of leading Democrats, the Speaker of the House decides to meet with the Syrian dictator: To open a dialogue, to exchange ideas, find common ground, solve differences; well, what exactly was the result of that meeting? The leader of the Senate boldly asserts that the war in Iraq is lost. Imagine the nation is at war and the leader of the Senate states with prideful disregard of sensibility that the war is lost. the funding engine of the Democratic Party; declares to the world that the nations top General in Iraq is a liar, a traitor, and a political pawn of the Bush administration. Is it possible that the Democratic Party has run itself off the plateau of what is reasonable and into the abyss of leftist lunacy?  

Now we have Jimmy Carter suggesting that this nation should NOT contest Iran as to its interest in developing a nuclear bomb. What! What world does Jimmy Carter live in? Is he inhaling peanut shells! Iran is a serious geopolitical threat to the region; it plays well into the Russian game of causing tension allowing the market to lean toward increasing the price of oil and costing the United States blood, time, and treasury. Iran is and has been an enemy of the USA since Jimmy (lives on the planet Jupiter) Carter aided and abetted the removal of a friend to turning a blind eye to the instillation of an anti-American religious fanatic as head of government.

If the Liberal-Leftist Democrats are not stopped dead in their tracks America will find itself fending off foreign aggression by paying $100 a barrel as the low bid for its oil; we will loose what credibility we have with friendly Middle Eastern countries that will cede to Russia and Iran favorite nation status so to defend their power positions; and we will give up Israel to the terrorist as additional consideration so to save our own skin. Naturally, the Democrats would not do such a thing unilaterally they would employ the UN to manage these transactions. 

The world has always been a dangerous place but when danger is coupled with naiveté, poor analysis, and dysfunctional rationale; when leadership spends its time on the continuous use of non sensible scurrilous accusations instead of seeking tolerance, understanding, and compromise so to enable policy and enhance cooperation with those of counter opinions and political ideology; the nation is not well served.  

Where is the Republican leadership on these issues; why is there not a declarative conservative voice asserting a clear alternative? Is there an Independent Party leader? Is there a Democratic leader in the tradition of FDR or JFK to lead this nation out of its Congressional continuum of time wasting argumentative disregard? 

We all must pay special attention to this next electoral cycle; there is so much at stake. The nation cannot allow itself to be positioned out of the most powerful nation on earth status; nor can this nation permit Iran, Russia, Syria, or any terrorist organization to politically maneuver the United States to their advantage because of naive liberal-leftist leadership and their dysfunctional policy on foreign affairs.

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