If the Democrats Enjoined With the Republicans, the Nation Would Be the Better For It

Fact and Fiction
By William Robert Barber

Despite the evidence of relevant economic indicators that suggest a robust economy, low inflation, high employment, abatement of national debt, the stock markets indicate strong corporate profits, and the government is reaping in substantial tax revenue. I have heard from a number of variable media sources throughout Bush’s presidency that the economy is unstable, the market is volatile, and the average Joe on the street feels insecure; indeed, more insecure today then in later times. Of course my favorite is the poll that says a majority of Americans believe the country is moving in the wrong direction; I guess that presumes that a minority of Americans think the country is moving in the right direction. The difference between majority and minority must be the benchmark of rightfulness; therefore, since the majority is all that is needed to determine the rightfulness of an issue we can substantially limit legislative debate in favor of polling. I suppose the supposition created by these variable media sources is that without the specificity of widely disseminated evidence to the contrary; the contrarian‘s perspective prevails; hence, things are not good because the average Joe does not feel secure.

Like a well tailored suit and an expensive hair cut contrarianism is definitely in style; this absurd and nonsensical political technique is the mainstay political rhetoric of Democratic leadership. But if the contrary is not in hand; Reid and Pelosi have the ‘I am against policy’. For example, the most highlighted is the ‘I am against the war’; clearly, Read is ready to surrender. He believes the “war is lost.” Now that is a clean look at Democratic leadership; he thinks the war is lost; such is his policy solution. His solution is that the war is lost; an effective use of the ‘I am against’ policy. Pelosi wants to embarrass the strongest secular freely elected Muslim worshiping government in the Middle East; she wants to alienate this government for what another government did to the Armenian people ninety odd years ago. I believe she and her band of liberal progressives want to weaken the only stable successful state in Iraq; she wants Istanbul to disallow US supplies from utilizing their sovereign territory for transportation of military goods to support the Iraq war. She and her liberals are against the war and if they do not act now the USA could win the war; they in turn may loose the ’08 election. Can’t let that happen!

What the contrarians and the ‘I am against’ need to pay attention to is Social Security, Entitlements, HealthCare, Infrastructure, and building the strongest most technically able military in the world. Instead, the Democrats want a super majority in congress and the executive office; they are sacrificing their sworn duties to play politics. Any eight grader can readily evidence that if the Democrats enjoined with the Republicans the nation would be the better for it; additionally, if the Democrats could ever see the light of day they would see compromise with those of valid though different opinions work in the best interest of the nation; but, most importantly for the Democrats; by doing so, is the better method of achieving their goal of super majority.

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