An Heir to An Empty Promise

Joan Sorenson-Redd
January 14, 2008
As time marches forward towards another new year,
Those values we cherished and once held so dear,
Continue to wane and vanish in the fray,
Of yet another lost and wasted new day.
Mr. Smith went to Washington a long time ago,
To give back to his country, to reap and to sow,
Honesty, loyalty, courage and strength,
He filibustered his constituents for these, at great lengths,
His dedication proved fruitful, but as we all know,
Twas only a fairy tale, a movie, a show.
And today a rerun directed by shysters with scams,
Who portray presidential candidates as prophets who can,
Forget who they sleep with on the lobbyists’ floors,
While greasing their palms with blood money and more,
To make changes in policy which they never define,
Leaving Americans with questions again, one more time.
They promise us free health care, better schools is a must,
But how is that paid for?, asks Americans who trust?
It’s produced through your magic, your own fairy dust.
Fairy dust you’ve work hard for, which your government will tax,
These candidates don’t pay for it, they just sit back and relax.
It is your presidential candidates, who earmark their desires,
From the money you’re taxed, it is what fuels their mad fires.
They sit back, put their feet up, preach hopeful change for the future,
That they have stitched up in lies with irresolvable sutures,
Which will heal absolutely nothing, and at the end of the day,
We’ll be left like the little pig that made his house out of hay.
For the wolf who speaks Chinese and Arabic too,
Will blow it all down, when his bank notes come due.
And those baby boomer children licking their entitlement filled spoons,
Who think their lives are a song heard on their IPod of tunes,
Will face a reality check, when their designer jeans lose their hems.
And they must pay for the sins their government left just for them.
And don’t forget those candidates’ promises to cure Global Warming too.
Greener pastures, cleaner air and cars, oh you’ll pay for all that too.
They’ll tax you and tax you and tax you to death,
But hey, that’s what you wanted, they’ll say’
Then they’ll take a deep breath.
And why shouldn’t they breathe easily,
These politicos so corrupt and so free.
For it was all made possible by taxes,
Paid by you and by me.
So beware of prophetic speeches filled of change and of hope
Look at the bigger picture, be a visionary with magnified scope.
For speeches filled of hope and promise, a policy does not make.
It’s just sugary frosting, on an otherwise very ordinary cake.

But…communication, creative thinking, and the courage to execute,
Will win victorious over empty promises, for a true leader in pursuit.
In pursuit of our constitution, our founding fathers gave,
And it is up to us to sort this all out, for America to be saved.

Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain.
In this election year, I pray each one of us can stay sane.
For like I said, it is up to us, to keep America great,
Honesty, courage, creativity and drive should be a President’s trait.
And when you enter the voting booth, know that nothing comes for free,

Only hard work, honor and courage gave America its liberty.

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