America, The Land Of Opportunity

Authored By: William Robert Barber

Dave’s comments stated: “My primary concern, after consorting with many scientists throughout my travels last year —namely in Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands– involve Global Warming and the environment.”

I am not in a position to scientifically define the cause and effect of Global Warming; nevertheless, I do not believe that, “after consorting with many scientists throughout my travels” is a verification or validation of the reality of Global Warming.

Continuing with the response: “the mainstream members of the Republican party of this country refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem. Big Oil and big industry is winning, the environment is losing.”

I have not read or viewed any evidence of Global Warning effects, cause by humankind, that is not aggressively contested by scientist of equal merit. Big oil and big industry…obviously, according to your implications, these entities are managed by evil, monster-like, irresponsible people, totally lacking in values related to its cultural, society, its children, its community; these monsters should be driven off of the planet and replaced by environmentalist.

And then Dave noted: “But, in turn I am for much, much, much tougher carbon emission standards even if it kills GM and Ford.”

Well, that is a solution. Eliminate the business of GM and Ford; eliminate the jobs for millions of direct employees, vendors, dealerships, and of course as a consequence drive the economy into a depression. On that level of solutions: Why don’t you just eliminate people the main source, according to your assumptions, of Global Warming in the first cause?

Your concerns of anti-American feelings is so damn silly. Americans are not, in the first cause, on this planet to be liked anymore than the French, German, Italian, or any one else; we, as well as, every other nation’s people are on this planet to trade. Not to be liked; America is the largest most progressively successful trading partner the world has ever witnessed. I admit, it is nice to be liked; but, much better to be a transaction partner be it buyer or seller.

As to happiness and your desire for Americans to be as happy as the rest of the world’s people; I suggest you research the numbers of people who challenge the greatest of concerns to be in America. For the last two hundred years America has taken in millions of peoples who obviously believe America is their land of opportunity. Not bad for a country full of unhappy people…

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