The Growing Majority of Baffled Voters

The Voter Will Bequeaths Upon Itself
Authored by: William Robert Barber
Part 1 of Many

One eligible citizen; one vote, is the law of the land in America. Note the law does not distinguish between the institutionally highly educated and the less educated, ignorant or enlightened, the literate from the illiterate, the lawless from the law-a-biding; every eligible citizen has the right to vote. Thus for those aspirating for public office every vote, and voter requires attention of and to their concerns. The candidates are required to present themselves for consideration by the electorate so to explain their policy, management of problems, answer questions, and publicly debate issues with other contenders. For the contender this is a statutory whetting process wherein those who seek public office must earn the blessings of the electorate by gaining the citizen’s vote.

The processes of elections define the political concept of power entrenched with the people; it is the voter who in common cause with their fellow citizens form the American ideal of a democratically founded governing system. The truthfulness of this definition is apparent when one grades the fairness measure to the nation’s laws, diligence of its regulatory agencies, integrity of its legislators, the efficiency of its bureaucrats, openness of its judicial proceedings, taxation policy, the adherence to the constitution of its courts, and the apolitical behavior of its military. Clearly, because of the electoral process, in America, the electorate will consistently get the government it deserves.

To some measurable degree there exists a growing majority of voters who are baffled, confused, and perplexed by the sheer size and managerial weight of the national government. Additionally, because of the enormity and complexity of international, as well as, national issues; the average voter is either not able to comprehend, is not interested or not willing to spend the time to understand the details of governing/managing the multiplicity of issues of critical national importance.

There is an empirically founded assumption that in local (city & county) elections the voter is more cognitive of details and policy issues verses national elections. One reason is the obvious indifference caused by distance; the other is that most citizens have only a cursory understanding of the national government’s complex and increasingly ambiguous structure, functionaries, or operating gadgetry. Therefore, the nominee easily escapes the requirements for specificity; they speak in generalities, fanciful quips that enhance and decorate the exuberantly rhetorical context, but, are intentionally void of objective substance. They for the most part need only point to the popular, the simple, the ruse of lights and mirrors.

In their defense, these national nominees are hampered as well by the largeness of government, the inherent governmental bureaucracy that engine the operations of governing and the requirement of raising money for political campaigns. These nominees are speaking to an electorate, in the majority, that blatantly lack the vocabulary so to comprehend the workings of federal governing; an electorate who have only media source understanding of national/international events; coupling this limitation of awareness by the voters it is of small wonder why the nominee communicates with sound bites.

Those nominees, seeking election to the highest public office in the land is beholding to an electorate with a scanty, basic, only nominal understanding of governmental resources, methods and practices.

The challenge of communicating the essence of an political, economic, or foreign policy argument to the voters reside within the nation’s media, pundits, and editorials.

The furtherance of this theme and title are forthcoming…

Senator Obama is the Weakest Democratic Candidate

A Fight to the End
Authored by: William Robert Barber

Soon, very soon, we conservative voters will know if one or the other of the Democratic candidates can grab hold of their party’s nomination with both hands; more than likely, neither candidate will be able to death grip the nomination until the convention. If Senator Clinton can simply hold on by a string of possibilities Senator Obama will be a contentious contender at the convention struggling to fight off insider Clinton manipulating of the nominating process. He will surely need hopeful change in order to survive that assault. Audio Clip

ece8c405-a804-7db2-ba7b930e4f5e1855.jpgContrary to the opinion of my conservative friends I think that Senator Obama is the weakest of the Democratic candidates; in the general election, Hillary will run to the center, Obama doesn’t respect the ideological strength of the political center; indeed, his candidacy is dependant and reliant on the left. I do not believe the American people will vote into power a liberal-left leaning ideologue. As it looks in the polls as of the moment I will get my wish and the weakest Democratic candidate will run against the Republican nominee.

The Perfect Storm for Conservatives….If They Don’t Blow It

The Perfect Storm for Conservatives….If They Don’t Blow It
By Nina May (originally posted)
Sunday, February 24, 2008

Conservatives have this uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and overplay every hand dealt them. They squandered the Reagan Revolution by parsing and dicing an agenda of positions unobtainable from even the most charismatic, or messianic of candidates. The color required to attain “conservative” credentials on the litmus paper appears in no color wheel known to man. The acceptable candidates in this category are whittled to a pencil point that can only scribe the name of Ronald Reagan.

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Proud Mrs. Obama

Authored by: William Robert Barber
Posted by: Debi ONeil

The boldness of the Democratic Party is possibly, at a point of such overriding confidence in the public’s acceptance of their political rhetoric that Mr. and Mrs. Obama may actually walk-the-talk of how they actually plan to govern. Unlike Senator Kerry and his run for the presidency Senator Obama may fearlessly tell the American voter the unfettered truth pertaining to his ideas and persuasion as to foreign, economic, tax, and education polices.Read More »

Just Give Me Your Vote

You know I believe them
Authored by:
William Robert Barber

It has been said by the few want-a-bes, to the many, armed with a vote, that if you will give your vote to me I will decrease your obligations to the state, that I will give your children a college education; that I will give all of you health care; I will end free trade as we know it; I will end the tax breaks for the corporations that take jobs away from America; I will empower unions; I will end tax breaks for the very rich. All I ask for is your vote.Read More »

An International Marketplace and its Reliance

We are No Longer Nationalists but Internationalists
Authored by:
William Robert Barber

Market volatility is an indicator of a market’s true bearing. A market retains trustfulness only when steadfast-harbinger-like forecasting is for the most part denied. Ebb and flow is the operating essence of any market that is dependent on the free uninhibited action provided by buyers and sellers. A consistent winner in any true market is a cheater. All true markets are casinos; an investment is a bet.

The marketplace requires oversight, rules, enforcement, transparency, and discloser; otherwise, in short order the market will freeze, liquidity will recede, corruption will destroy all action, finalizing in investors creating a more equitable trading environment other than the one presently in use. More…

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