We Conservatives Must Unite!

13 02 2008
Authored by:
William Robert Barber

Once again we conservatives are roaming the desert in search of what never was; there has never been a true and absolute conservative hero; this never of which I elude, includes President Ronald Regan and every conservative member of congress living or dead. A true and absolute enactment of ideology is a legislative, executive, and judicial impossibility; the impossibility factor, regardless, of the principal political ideology is a mainstay of governing a republic. The essential factor of governing is compromise. A critical component of leadership is understanding the requirements of follow ship; once the requirements of leadership is accepted one clearly understands that one is only armed with one’s persuasion.

As a conservative, I will of course urge all who may differ with my ideology to see the particular in my frame of opinion; but, I am only as effective as my persuasion.

Peoples of opinion are as many as there are differing opinions. The enactment of policy therefore will always be challenged by counter arguments; the right or wrong of the policy is, for the most part, a mystery solved sometime in arrears. Naturally, we of humankind have different motivations; we often think unlike one group or person; we all suffer from acceptable degrees of behavioral dysfunction; in the common good is a commonality of justification utilized by all of divergent interest; we all want the particular to flow in our direction to our benefit.

The forthcoming presidential election will display and render a contrasting choice of governing in America; to my knowledge, not since the election of 1800 has this country have before it such a demonstrative selection as to the operating philosophy of governing. The Democratic Party is very clear; they will raise taxes of those (they degree has having more) who have more so to redistribute to those who (they say) have less, their leadership will precipitously retrograde from Iraq and the Middle Eastern Region; they will appoint liberal leaning judges favoring interpretive decisions; they will decelerate military prowess, they will enlarge the size of government; they will governmentally empower all services including health, welfare, and social security. The Democrats are on the other side of prudence and sensibility; but, they do know how to buy votes; they do know how to successfully substitute rhetoric for substance. The Democrats will signal weakness to our enemies and inadvertently endanger American interest around the world, as well as, endanger the homeland’s sea to shining sea.

In the face of the context of the post ceding paragraph conservative pundits, television-radio hosts, and party activist are denigrating, negatively commenting, and disparaging, the political record of John McCain; the all but declared nominee of the Republican Party. Considering the consequences of a Democratic Party victory in the general election why in the world would any conservative attack John McCain? To whose political advantage would that become? How very immature and silly of these attackers; how self-destructive.


conason-john-mccain.jpgI do believe, although, I have never considered, that I would have some disagreements with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Regan; a republic has inherently less alternatives to policy by persuasion then a dictatorship; but, even a dictatorship must acquiesce in order to enact. Let us conservatives agree that we must unite and John McCain is our leader.




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