Just Give Me Your Vote

You know I believe them
Authored by:
William Robert Barber

It has been said by the few want-a-bes, to the many, armed with a vote, that if you will give your vote to me I will decrease your obligations to the state, that I will give your children a college education; that I will give all of you health care; I will end free trade as we know it; I will end the tax breaks for the corporations that take jobs away from America; I will empower unions; I will end tax breaks for the very rich. All I ask for is your vote.

The want-a-bes pledge change, hope, and the end of lobbyist and their evil self serving intentions. They will withdraw from Iraq, fund the resources for alternative energy, end even the thought of nuclear energy; they will close Guantanamo, penalize any American company that operates outside of US borders, tax the oil companies for excessive profits, and allow the telecommunication companies that aided the Bush administration post 9/11 to be sued. They will insure that incarcerated terrorist have legal representation and the same rights as if they were American citizens.

These progressive want-ab-es will talk directly to our enemies and by their force of persuasion instill principals of rationality to the irrational. All they ask of the many is their vote. They promise hope and charity as the anchor of their foreign policy. The want-a-bes believe that they will be embraced and loved by the peoples of the world because they will feel their pain.

You know I believe them…

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