Proud Mrs. Obama

Authored by: William Robert Barber
Posted by: Debi ONeil

The boldness of the Democratic Party is possibly, at a point of such overriding confidence in the public’s acceptance of their political rhetoric that Mr. and Mrs. Obama may actually walk-the-talk of how they actually plan to govern. Unlike Senator Kerry and his run for the presidency Senator Obama may fearlessly tell the American voter the unfettered truth pertaining to his ideas and persuasion as to foreign, economic, tax, and education polices.

I believe Mrs. Obama was speaking from her sense of truthfulness when she said that for the first time in her life she is proud of her country. This was no slip of the tongue or some inadequate explanation of a related topic; she actually believes what she said. She was very clear and succinct.

When Senator Obama speaks of change he actually means change; radical very real change. Taxes for those who have will go up; Obama wants to tax capital any and all aspects of capital; then wants to redirect that capital to funding the liberal agenda. Taxpayers will fund the college education of all students enrolled; he will forthwith withdraw US troops from Iraq.

This coming presidential election will give to the American voting public a very clear choice; the difference between the two political parties of this election year have never been so obvious. This November elections’ result will deliver to the electors, like never before, the government they deserve; this election will confirm a center to conservative preference or shift the governing of America to the progressive political left.

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