Senator Obama is the Weakest Democratic Candidate

27 02 2008
A Fight to the End
Authored by: William Robert Barber

Soon, very soon, we conservative voters will know if one or the other of the Democratic candidates can grab hold of their party’s nomination with both hands; more than likely, neither candidate will be able to death grip the nomination until the convention. If Senator Clinton can simply hold on by a string of possibilities Senator Obama will be a contentious contender at the convention struggling to fight off insider Clinton manipulating of the nominating process. He will surely need hopeful change in order to survive that assault. Audio Clip

ece8c405-a804-7db2-ba7b930e4f5e1855.jpgContrary to the opinion of my conservative friends I think that Senator Obama is the weakest of the Democratic candidates; in the general election, Hillary will run to the center, Obama doesn’t respect the ideological strength of the political center; indeed, his candidacy is dependant and reliant on the left. I do not believe the American people will vote into power a liberal-left leaning ideologue. As it looks in the polls as of the moment I will get my wish and the weakest Democratic candidate will run against the Republican nominee.




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