Part II The Growing Majority of Baffled Voters

The voter’s attention to detail is critical
Authored by: William Robert Barber
Part II of most recent article

Because of the inherent complexities, the multiplicity of issues, and the Byzantine-like labyrinths and proceedings of Congress and its supporting infrastructure the challenge of communicating the essence-the-meaning of any political, economic, or foreign policy argument to the voter resides within the nation’s media, its pundits, political partisans-nonpartisans and editorials of in-the-know journalist. Thus for the voter, the problem of forming a sensible criteria and underwriting agenda to judge the veracity of a particular candidate’s policy or position begins by a process of listening, reading, and questioning.

Naturally, and withstanding all of the informational impute, the ideologues, the fanatics, the believers, will never be swayed by the evidence to their preconceived contrary; they are attentive only to the evidence that is aligned with their predetermined suppositions. By means of Machiavellian; by means deceptive; by dance or direct aim the goal of winning is all that truly matters to those branded to their cause. Therefore, the politician’s real audience of persuade is directed to between 33-40 percent of the electorate; this percentage I believe makes up what is known as the great undecided and uncommitted.

In the interest of attempting to match and appease; political harbingers expend more than a modest amount of time contemplating the attributes, ingredients, and distinctive chemistry of today’s great undecided and uncommitted. The question for the partisan professional as to gaining the vote of the undecided and uncommitted is quite simple: What issue, what rumor, what innuendo, what opponent’s misstep will cedes advantage to their candidate?

The election of November 2008 will be the most important election since the election of Thomas Jefferson. From economics to health care, foreign policy to education, taxation to immigration and trade the political parties are distinctively different. The voter’s attention to detail is critical. Their vote will count; they truly will receive the government they deserve.

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