Votes For Sale

11 03 2008
Votes for Sale by Those Who Have Less
Authored by: William Robert Barber

Leftist Liberals have conspired with those who have less to lawfully take from those who have more; the success of this scheme depends on the dynamics of a political consequence that can only result from a Democratic victory in the November elections. Of course, for the political left, defining, those who have less is the difficult part; but comparatively, defining the more is no simpler than inventing the personal income revenue number that sounds sinfully high.

There is evidence that the majority of those who make less money will vote to increase the fee and tax the ones who ‘make more money.’ After all, according to those who have less, it is only fair. Where there is a need that requires funding, those who have less have a ready solution: increase the fees and tax of the ones that have the money. Simple economics!

I assume the operational methodology of the leftist-liberal administration would start with enhancing, by legislative initiatives and executive order, where applicable, the concept of progressive taxation in the taxing of all capital; naturally, the goal of such a tax plan would establish a new economic number-definition of poverty and correspondingly, eventually, define what is rich according to the leftist-liberal administration.

I do wonder where the liberal lefties think the money comes from in the first place. Do they not understand the basis of profit motivation? The reasoning of risking capital; do they not recognize that it is the many that feeds off of the few and if the few are not adequately compensated (with no guarantees of same) that there will be no small business infrastructure? And if there is no small business infrastructure there will be no private or publicly held big business?

No sane individual will work to support the many in their pursuit of government subsidized health care, union guarantees, burdensome regulation, or a restricted trade agenda; raise taxes and encourage a growing black economy that will criminalize its own citizens.

Are the leftist that stupid?



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