Political Media Dance

When Will They Ever Learn

Authored by: William Robert Barber

Events, international and national, serious very concerning events; many that rises to the level of possibilities portentous and foreboding; events that threaten our way of life, even our very existence as an open society, these events, although, as real and forecast able as the setting of the sun, remain, in the mind of the many, a subject of disregarded and indifference.

One such national event: Political parties have evolved into huge money raising machines; an entire business infrastructure is now in place to elect their particular slate of candidates. Media embraces the entire concept of elections as sharks to blood; millions upon millions of dollars are delivered to media by political parties. There is a common belief evidenced by empirical deduction that the candidate with the most money to spend in a political campaign has the upper hand on the election outcome.

Events, metaphorically like the burning of Rome, continue while the political parties and their sponsored protagonist orchestrate the media dance to the rhythm of emotionally stimulating sound bytes, misinformation, disinformation, uncontestable lies, and this relatively new phenomenon prompted by media-advisors to the electoral contester of delivering serialized nonsensical distortions of the factual by the utility of post-stupid speech clarification. The contextual essence factor of these post-stupid clarifications is to say almost anything other than the truth. Their adage must be that anything but the truth will set one free; a very President Clinton-like approach to dealing with what is truthful.

This is the age of weapons of mass destruction. A WMD attack is not a forthcoming HBO special; such an attack is well within the realm of reality. We actually do have people, groups, institutions, nation states, irrational fanatics who support a religiously motivated intensely dedicated number of militant Muslims who have declared war on America and Americans. Of course this paragraph does not apply to former President Carter whose mindfulness lives somewhere between Never-Never-Land and Obama’s foreign policy.

Excessive taxation is often synonymous with erroneous taxation either or both descriptions impair individual freedom, empowers government, and is counter intuitive to the sensibility of defining government as a righteous utility of the people. As excessive taxation is implemented those taxed resist, maneuver, and redirect their investments in a differing opportunity; after all, it is a global business environment. Hence and therefore, less tax, in the quantitative is actually collected.

Nevertheless, and despite the arguments to the contrary elected officials of the accepted political party colors red and blue are focused on getting into office or staying in elected office. The consequence is that the difficult issues that prompt the events of deep concern even those of a foreboding factual will not be meaningfully addressed. Because of this political system reality, the citizen voter is a dismissive resource; the government is too strong, too empowered, the appointed non elected bureaucracy is entrenched and the citizen voter has its head deeply impeded in the sand. The people are divided between those who live as if in a Pepsi Cola commercial and those who produce the commercial.

As with all serious redirections of effort and concern an event will prompt the citizen to lift its head and smell the gun powder…naturally, for many the prompting event will be too late.

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