Democratic Message Once Again Off Message

Less Nonsense and More Sense
Authored by: William Robert Barber

This latest rife over President Bush’s speech in Israel; wherein, the president’s noted that appeasement is a fallible policy, utilizing Britain’s experience with the German government of 1938 as an example, whereby, Mr. Obama and friends’ went ‘berserk’ with awfully silly responses, has once again moved the Democratic Party off message. I ask of readership, how difficult would it have been for the Democrats to simply agree that appeasement is a fallible policy? They could have gone on to describe Mr. Obama’s offer to sit with no preconditions and hold face-to-face presidential level meetings with nation states accused by most western states as rouge nations who support terrorist and the policy of terror as a means to some difficult to define end. They could go on to emphasis the Obama policy of speaking with our enemies as a viable alternative to the past and current foreign policy; accepting that such a new strategy with those who pledge the destruction of Israel, as well as, America is a ‘surge diplomacy,’ nothing less and nothing more.

But instead, the Democrats decide firstly that the President had pointedly highlighted Mr. Obama and secondly, the president with malicious fore thought was aiming to disrupt the election process. Well, now they will be sending their representative on all the talk shows to defend their silly response instead of staying on message.

I do think the electorate deserves less nonsense and more sense…

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