Democrats Insist on Eradicating American Values

Democrats Insist on Eradicating  American Values.
Authored By:  William Robert Barber

The Democratic nominee spoke last night of his vision of America; an America wherein corporations would clean up their own pollution, where the jobless would find work, wherein, the federal government would hire an army of school teachers, pay them well, guarantee, as a birthright, a college education to every American child, so on and so forth. Promises of the extraordinary to those who sympathize with the Obama definition of Change is the nominee’s calling to his supporters.

Of course corporations do clean up their own pollution, unemployment is, more or less, at 5%; the federal government does not hire school teachers, and all of the illegal’s will be pleased to hear that now when they enter this country from Mexico and have children, these children will have as a birthright a free college education.

Is it possible for a good looking youthful politician possessing oratorical skill, rhetorical eloquence, with the contextual of his speech full of silly nonsensical examples of governmental policy and initiatives to actually be the President of the United States?

For me it is no longer simply the Democrats move to the political left or the Republicans perverting their own conservative philosophy with excessive spending or their persistence on unilateral self abuse; now both political parties, but particularly, the Democrats, insist on eradicating heretofore staunch uniquely American values.

Along with the premise that those ennobled, elected to public office, few who do truly understand what is best, not just for Americans; but, indeed for all mankind should rule. These self appointed elite of academic pedigree will quash, by statutory laws, by regulation, by the redirecting of funds, and by the establishment of a new degree of priorities, existentialism in favor of dependence. Americans will depend on government and its governing ennobled to protect the citizen from all things contrary to the interest of big government.

Does anyone actually believe there is such an animal as free medical care? The robber baron Democrats will sack the rich village a couple of time max; after that the villagers will hide the resources, stop producing the resources, or move their facilities to a different country. Now I did not attend Harvard but that much is clear to me.

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