The Why’s of Hillary’s Loss

Clintons Are Dead All Hail Obama
Authored by:  William Robert Barber

The post-contest pundits have a number of reasons as to the whys of Hillary’s loss to a politically far left, untried, multiracial contester who considers himself a member of the black community; most of these reasons are obvious all of them covered under the umbrella of strategic and tactical mistakes.

Nevertheless, what stood out (at least for me) from these obvious campaign mistakes was the most willing, almost gleeful, abandonment of Clinton by the purple toga elements of the traditional Democratic Party. Even more outstanding, many of the once Clinton faithful, who in fact, directly, owe their present political positioning to a Clinton era anointment, dropped Clinton in favor of Obama with willful disdain and abrupt disregard. For these former members of the Clinton political family it was if they were under some form of extortion or parental abuse and finally the kidnapped family member was freed or the children had grown up.

Now there could be another reason for the failure of the Clinton political machine falling short on achieving their party’s nomination. The reason has ample historical reference and fits tightly into the Democratic primaries actual; possibly, the core leadership of the party decided they could control and manipulate an Obama administration much better than they could manage a Hillary Clinton.

After all, the entrenched Democratic leadership is interested in their personal preservation of preeminence; one should not minimize the grand November election opportunity: To control congress and the presidency. Once in place with a probable veto proof majority the Democrats will have the ultimate weapon of political utility. Their first offensive will be to chastise the chosen corporate belligerents via the statutorily monetarism of private interest into public power. The Clintons have too many friends within the corporate hierarchy to allow the kind of change the Obama faithful would straightforwardly implement. Interestingly; and somewhat contradictory, all of the Democratic leaders are multimillionaires, Ivy League members of the patrician class whose ethos of elites’ belief prompts the ideal that their wise benevolent consul of paternal superintendence would be cheerfully received by a President Obama.  It is their reckoning that a President Obama would surrender, (for less consideration then a President Clinton) the governing prerogatives, as long as; he is appointed the Prince of the Canaille and permitted to speak to their salubrious need for communitarian socialism paid for by a tax policy of ultra progressive implication resulting in a meaningful redistribution of wealth.

Bread and beer to the multitude and power to the multimillionaires of the Democratic purple toga; Obama the uncommon politician who will change Washington as it has never been changed before is a beckoning reality.


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