The God Awful Woes: American Energy Dependence

Authored by:  William Robert Barber

If the economic story presented by the liberal biased media and all of the predominate democrats are to be believed America, land of the free home of the brave, is on the brink of economic disaster. Obama says, all proposals to the contrary of that descriptive are gimmicks unworthy of discovery; the answer, the only acceptable answer, resides solely in a revamp of political infrastructure starting with the Democratic Party majority control of congress and a Obama administration in the White House.

According to the liberal biased media and the left leaning democrats, (better understood as politicians preferring to address fiscal issues and problems via a socialistic vs. a capitalistic economic premise) the current energy crises are caused by a cabal of greedy, apathetic, cavalier in function, group of investor speculators, oil companies in general, and all manner of facilitators of oil stretching from the drillers to the distributors. Kind of a blanket accusatory approach to solving the problem of high gas prices; I can only assume this unique problem solving methodology is to flame the fire of resentment amongst those who can least afford to pay the $4.50 a gallon price. Of course, resentment is not a solution; the solution is drilling for oil and the establishment of nuclear power plants or as the Obama democrats favor, allowing the price of oil to escalate to the point where demand will curtail consumption and non oil (at a yet to be determined cost in cash and time) energy solutions such as wind, solar, volcanic, and bio-fuels will supply America’s energy needs.

Normally, in this country of logic and practical deduction, the rational would overcome the fanatical; however, for reasons of utter silliness, the so called environmentalist (all deeply entrenched within the Democratic Party) have for the last forty years, maybe more, successfully abated sensibility in favor of policies that are irrational, illogical, and non functional. Imagine, America, the greatest economic power that has ever existed has been brought to its knees over the trivially contrived. Quite amazing!

As far as our country’s dependence on foreign oil the Republicans are far from blameless; indeed, they are culpable; although not as enabling as the Democrats, the party of Lincoln, looked the other way, too busy spending the peoples’ money, abusing their power, and raising money for the next election.

I do fear congresses seeming inability to address the problem (of high gas prices) much less solve it will facilitate an ineffective liberal agenda take over of congress until November. On the other hand, congress is and has been at war within its self for a very long time as all the elected participants are busy contesting to either retain or obtain power; this contesting has at least delayed these politicians from creating more mayhem by passing more unneeded legislation.  The media loves the battling even at the cost of the people’s interest; I suppose, like our elected officials, the thinking is that their interest takes precedence over the people. The political pundits dismiss this behavior as politically understandable after all it is an election year; this is what politicians do…interesting.

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