When Does Redistribution of Wealth Become Highway Robbery?

When Is Enough-Enough?
Authored by:  William Robert Barber

I have a small business; the business employees less than 30-people. My business is highly regulated and subject to scheduled audits by my sponsoring banks, as well as, VISA and MasterCard. Naturally, like every other business in America I am required to risk capital and resources so to meet current obligations; it is understood that if I do not create cash flow and profits I will loose my capital. I understood going into the investment that there are no guarantees issued by the US Government to insure my investment; I also understood, that if I did produce a GAAP measure of profit those profits were subject to a federal tax of 35%. Additionally, if the business issued a dividend to the shareholder that dividend was taxed at 15% and depending on my tax bracket I could be taxed once again on my personal income tax obligation at 35%.Read More »

A Nation of Whiners

Authored by:  William Robert Barber

Former Senator Phil Gramm a leading supporter of McCain has given the Democrats another gift of ridicule; nevertheless, the able senator has given to the American people the truth of the matter. We have become a nation of whiners. McCain immediately distanced himself from the comment by doing a little whining himself; pointing out that an unemployment rate of 8.5 percent in May is real and that the worker who has lost his or her job is simply out of work and not a whiner. Well, that maybe, I have the answer for the unemployed worker-stop even thinking about whining; go secure another job. I have no reason to doubt the unemployment percentage in Michigan but that does mean 91.5 percent of the citizens of Michigan are working. And for Michigan here is some advice: Cut your state wide taxes in half and stop electing Democrats.

The judicious Seneca, the Roman stoic philosopher knew that life was full of difficulties and that even when a man could not control these difficulties, he can, “choose not to whine or fret or do evil.”

They Graduated from Harvard or Yale

Authored by: William Robert Barber

Prior to the last election Democratic Senators were joined shoulder to shoulder standing in front a gas station to emphasis either some illegal collusion of the Bush administration with big oil or the administration’s disinterest in maintaining a reasonable pricing for gasoline or to complain that the Bush administration is inept. Possibly the Democratic protestors were complaining about all of the above. These geniuses of supply and demand decided it was the outrageous profiteering oil companies that have, by means unknown, artificially, possibly illegally, inflated the price of oil. Well, that theory has evolved a novelistic much more interesting conspiracy-like series of complaints. Interestingly, when the Democrats were in the photo opportunity a couple of years ago the price of a gallon of gas was $2.75; it is now, $4.50 and rising; of course the difference is that the Democrats control congress; hence, they have accordingly, limited their outrageousness.Read More »