They Graduated from Harvard or Yale

Authored by: William Robert Barber

Prior to the last election Democratic Senators were joined shoulder to shoulder standing in front a gas station to emphasis either some illegal collusion of the Bush administration with big oil or the administration’s disinterest in maintaining a reasonable pricing for gasoline or to complain that the Bush administration is inept. Possibly the Democratic protestors were complaining about all of the above. These geniuses of supply and demand decided it was the outrageous profiteering oil companies that have, by means unknown, artificially, possibly illegally, inflated the price of oil. Well, that theory has evolved a novelistic much more interesting conspiracy-like series of complaints. Interestingly, when the Democrats were in the photo opportunity a couple of years ago the price of a gallon of gas was $2.75; it is now, $4.50 and rising; of course the difference is that the Democrats control congress; hence, they have accordingly, limited their outrageousness.

The next move by our undeniably stupid elected officials was to find someone or something to blame or penalize. One particularly stupid Democratic leader actually declared that the government would consider nationalizing the oil companies. Imagine the genius of that suggestion? Every entitlement program administered by the government is bankrupt and this particularly bone-headed representative of the people declared nationalizing the oil companies. Of course, did not take long for a rebuttal and then clarification to erase that particularly stupid remark; the perpetrator obviously did not think before she spouted her declaration. If she did she would have known not only the emptiness of such a statement but how counter productive it would be for her fellow Democrats. For instance, if the government owned the oil companies they would have no one to blame; noting that blaming is much easier than finding a solution.

The next persons, entities, institutions to blame are the speculators. Without waiting for evidence to get in the way, our unbelievably dumb elected representatives have offered immediate solutions by increasing regulation on what in fact they cannot regulate. Absolutely amazing!

These idiots, graduates of some of the finest schools in America are trying to regulate the free markets of the world. And why are these elected representatives contemplating such stupidity? Because of a rumor, a totally unsubstantiated rumor that oil futures speculators are manipulating the world price of oil.

If that is true, if for 5% cash one can control 100% of value and by doing so all those who risk their 5% of cash will profit; let’s have the US Government from a people’s oil futures fund and invest as America. We could then take the profits and send those monies out in the form of gas debit cards to every American. Of course, in the interest of progressive Obama initiatives and liberal left leaning thinking we will only give this gas debit card to the poor people making $50,000.00 a year or less.

For all those Democrats who graduated from those high tuition ivy league schools; I suggest you call your trial lawyer buddies and sue your schools for fraudulent inducement…get that tuition money back.

Solution: Drill for oil within the USA, enable nuclear facilities on a fast track, and lower taxes at every opportunity. Now how hard is that to figure?


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