Senator Obama – Armed With Persuasion and Little Else.

Return America to its past, how absurd!
Authored by:  William Robert Barber

If it is reasonable to believe that a candidate’s political ideology catalyst and indicates the candidate’s policy and practice then surely the voter is required to study and evaluate that certain ideology. In the case of Senator Obama his political ideology clearly spans to one of progressive liberalism to that of an Obama customized collective socialism.  The Senator believes, in the most conservatives of interpretation, in a FDR brand of socialism and in the most radical interpretive, the voter only knows, his well established most liberal voting record; in the scariest of voter analysis his record is so sparse, his experience so meager, that no one knows, with any surety, his political or policy intentions.

Of course, political ideology is not and can never be a stand alone, an ideal into its own. Political ideology will express and distinguish itself within the venues of economic, domestic, and foreign policy. Often in the development of a politician’s political ideals, such as those expressed by Senator Obama, a voter cannot decipher which went first the ideological concept that prompts the policy or whether the ideal was the result of some policy, right or wrong, that sprouted the ideology.

Withstanding, the movement of a political idea into a practicing factual is an uphill climb full of elective challenges, financial obstacles, and unanticipated disruptions. Mr. Obama as with all politicians are armed with persuasion. It is their persuasion that creates consensus. Rally cries of: Change; Yes we can; and a New Approach are not, for me, persuasive statements. They are totally void of effective meaning.

Mr. Obama forth rightfully demands that his presidency will guarantee a college education to every American and free medical care for citizens and illegal immigrants. Obviously, Obama has a yet to be defined differing definition of free. He suggests that if every American adjusted their use of energy by turning their thermostats to an appropriate level, keeping their auto tires full of air, and take conservation as a heart full practice, the rest of the world would appreciate the gesture. What!

The Obama message is counter to the traditions of American existentialism and plan good sense. Mr. Obama’s responded to a seventh grader when queried as to why he wants to be president was that he wanted to return America to the greatness of its past. What a tired, silly, ridiculous response…return America to its past, how absurd.

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