Russia of Putin Design

Russia: A Threat to American Sovereignty
Authored by:  William Robert Barber

The Russian’s have invaded a sovereign, democratically elected, pro-western government; the Georgians have been charged with over playing their hand and agitating the Putin bear; I do find it interesting that those on the left of American political ideology and those on the right is defining the action of concern in their classic precedence. Generally, those on the left search to place blame on America for Russia’s military incursion and those on the right do not hesitate in blaming the newly invigorated Russia of Putin design for their behavior. To immeasurable degree, each side reaches for some moral or ethical reasoning to justify their particulars; in my view, the only matter of importance is the sway of American power over Russian hostility. In other words, the objective of American power is the abatement of Russian power. Moral justification as a requirement to action is founded on a subjective illusion with as much credibility as “Peace For Our Time” spoken on September 30 1938 by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

History is benchmarked by battles not peace treaties; death, and destruction is the material behavior of humankind–not discussion, conference, or understanding. How many more Pearl Harbors, 9/11’s, or bombing on American embassies, ships, and persons does it take before one realizes that a willingness to act on a call to arms by the most powerful nation on earth is the only deterrent to hostilities of varying lethalness? Diplomacy as expressed by Clausewitz is war by other means; in order for diplomacy to retain any effectiveness one must establish the factual of a clear and present danger to the opposing party.

American power is the reliance of believability to our NATO allies and to millions of people on earth; America is the counter force if Russian, North Korean, or Chinese ambition runs amuck prompting their interest with aggressive hostile behavior. If not America and American power than what is the alternative?

There is no value to moral righteousness if the leadership allows any threat to American sovereignty; and yes, I consider the most recent Russian action in Georgia as a threat to American sovereignty

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