A Believable Call To Service

Authored by:  William Robert Barber

We have all been summoned to sacrifice for the team, the school, the corps, and the common good. In 1961, JFK asks us Americans, to ponder not what one’s country can do for you but what one can do for one’s country. A call to service the idea of a greater good is intrinsic to citizens of many nations. So it is not unusual for our presidential candidates to mimic and persuade this electorate to acknowledge every individual’s responsibility to more than oneself.

Naturally, those of us pass the age of easily convinced tend to consider the declarations of politicians with hesitated askance; nevertheless, I do believe Senator McCain’s sincerity of conviction when he summons himself to service the interest of this nation state. I have found comfort in his many years of service in congress and his clearly defined beliefs on how governing should function.

I do not get that feeling when I hear Senator Obama reference the same call to service. From Mr. Obama I get the feeling of an elitist whose interest is expended in out flanking his adversaries by some Herculean effort and once again beating the system for personal gain. Hence his consistent inconsistencies regarding all policies and practices; he is focused on winning; after winning, he can regress to policies and practices. Frankly, I just do not find clarity in his beliefs; factually, other than his defining of himself as a protagonist of progressive liberalism I know little to nothing of the man.

I do understand that a call to service an ideal for the greater good is more than espousing a commonality of thought greater than oneself or a noble rhetorical pledge; it is much more than an often repeated panegyric declaration exemplifying the nation’s armed forces as a model of sacrifice. I believe that a call to service the nation as its president is a commitment of leadership that is more an exposition of bull dog confidence than the gentile of humility; it is the at will consistency of courageous competency regardless of popular opinion to the contrary; a call to service as president of the leader nation within the free world requires steadfastness of purpose over contemplation and thoughtfulness-I think the context of this paragraph describes John McCain.

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