Taxation Feeds Big Government But Destroys America’s Predominance In The World

Authored By:  William Robert Barber

We are the way and the light; so say the elected, appointed, and staffed officials that run the grand show we common and unwashed all call government. These producers, directors, and writers of the show have never found a disagreeable tax or fee. They are the true alchemist; these self-serving practitioners have developed the formula of perpetual self-sustenance; creating a livelihood out of the all-anointing-derivative-of elected-office.  The legislators develop and persuade the electorate, usually, by the utility of public apathy; to endorse a cause; the funding of course, to any cause is without exception supported by taxes and fees.

For the show persons who manage the affairs of governing, just about any cause to raise funds will do. However, there are favorites such as higher education, or primary education; or community college education.  If there is any hesitation on education then there is always medical services, policing services, trash disposal services, a city owned golf course, bowling alley, or a park, lots of cause to fund a park. These guileful practitioners of in the interest of the common good have had, for the most part, a great education, come from and possess the proper social connections, went to law school, passed their CPA exam, attained a MBA, are licensed realtors, they are good people one and all; they just got all caught up in the grand show. Nevertheless, it is not to say that they lack ambition. Indeed ambition is a driving motivator of these good people. They may aspire to public office, have their sights on a nice government appointment, or want to serve (extend their sway) within a governing agency to regulate or audit the notorious entrepreneurs of private enterprise.

There was a time, a seemingly mythological time, when one man stood tall and proclaimed that government was of the people, by the people, and for the people. I now view and review a government of the media consultants and attorney-staffers; by tenured bureaucrats, and for the perpetuation of power.

The cow that feeds the largeness of government and its excesses use of power is taxation.  Somewhere along the way of striving for more; government has adopted a policy, wherein, excessive taxation is considered sound economics.  When in fact the antithesis is true; excessive taxation on those enterprises that produce the jobs, the concept into fact, and the global economy will destroy innovation, capital risk, ingenuity, and America’s predominance in the world.

Most regretfully, the nation’s governing entities all the way town to the smallest of communities seem to believe in the liberal principle of something for nothing and take it from those who have so to buy the vote from those who have less. To the detriment of its people and even itself, government is in the business of advancing monopolistic entitlement. There is an unstoppable inertia by government to practice stupid; these policies of stupid will prevail because the growth of government is perpetuated by an insatiable appetite for more. More services, more employees, more unionization, more pension plans and health benefits; it will exhaust all taxable revenues.

Of course there will be reconciliation…Someday.

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