Congress Must Weigh the After Action Results

Unintended Negative Consequence
Authored by:  William Robert Barber

Fear of the unknown, the maybe will happen, and the presumptions of unfounded populist possibilities have prompted the calm and collected, the otherwise prudent and measured into a frenzied gathering of the befuddled, confused, and frazzled. No one seems to be able to define the problem in simplistic terms; speaking only of a clog in the financial markets…Read More »

Election Chaos

What Has Happened to Our Political System?
Authored by:  William Robert Barber

How in the world did we citizens evolve into this political nonsense? I acknowledge the richness of historical evidence exemplifying such nonsense; but, my goodness gracious the enormity of outright distortion, misrepresentation, and fibbing going on by both these political parties are outrageous. The nation has serious concerns that need specific attention and all congress is willing to do is wait until Obama is elected president. They will not address anything but endorse the merits of procrastination in the interest of what looks like a very favorable Democratic electoral season. So the interest of the nation is set aside for clearly political reasons.Read More »

The Whiner Society

Greed, Risk, and Ultimately – Recovery
Authored by: William Robert Barber

“The market is down, the market is down,” shouted the reporter to the next; “soon, who knows, the sky, surely, the sky will fall;” the reporter concludes. Distributors of news batter their listeners with riles of negativity: Lehman Brothers is seeking relief and protection in bankruptcy; as a result thousands of Lehman employees are out of work, Bank of America purchased Merrill Lynch; HP has laid off thousands, the country is in the mist of a colossal financial catastrophe. Political office contenders blame lack of regulation or offer, if elected to clean up the Wall Street mess; all bemoan the interest of the average investor; the common middle class innocent, the holder of equity, bonds, or other tradable instruments.Read More »

End Fannie and Freddie’s Insistence on Functioning

Home Ownership is Not a Right of Citizenship
Authored by:  William Robert Barber

Since the Age of Reason political philosophers, elected, appointed, and to some limited degree, those who claimed the power of Divine Right; danced with the notion that government was directly responsible for the social welfare of its constituency. The concept of empowering the state with responsibilities that heretofore was set aside to churches, synagogues, other religious entities, charities, or private contributions has evolved into a constituency-acceptance; indeed, an often contractual understanding that the government is responsible for social obligations.Read More »

Congress’s Practice of Unintended Consequences – The Joy of Homeownership for All!

High School Reunion
Authored by:  William Robert Barber

Recently, I attended a 45-year high school reunion. My classmates have lived long enough to have married, remarried, have grandchildren, and retired. We drank, ate, drank a little more and conversed on a multitude of topics.  Some were Democrats, some Republicans, a few did not declare and the rest really did not give a damn. The commonality of interest was our shared interest in community, family, and the general state of present affairs. Our opinions differed, but though out the differing there prevailed a standard of tolerance and a consistency of extending outward for understanding.Read More »

Illusive Truth in Politics

Voir Dire
Authored by William Robert Barber

There are numerous methods and means of persuasion. The act of persuading via the use of logical deduction, reasonableness, and evidentiary discloser is revered as a respected form of expression. One would believe that the truth of an argument does exist; thus, a search, utilizing reason, sensibility, and logical deduction would extract the truth so all competing views could agree on the truthfulness of the heretofore contested. After all are not all Americans, one peoples, under law, and committed to explicit righteousness? We do pride ourselves in the values sustained by our republic; a republic founded on representative government, a constitution, and the inherent virtue of the individual.Read More »