Illusive Truth in Politics

Voir Dire
Authored by William Robert Barber

There are numerous methods and means of persuasion. The act of persuading via the use of logical deduction, reasonableness, and evidentiary discloser is revered as a respected form of expression. One would believe that the truth of an argument does exist; thus, a search, utilizing reason, sensibility, and logical deduction would extract the truth so all competing views could agree on the truthfulness of the heretofore contested. After all are not all Americans, one peoples, under law, and committed to explicit righteousness? We do pride ourselves in the values sustained by our republic; a republic founded on representative government, a constitution, and the inherent virtue of the individual.

And yet, our nation’s citizens are divided in an almost 50/50 relationship over specific governing fundamentals. Such as who, how much, and under what terms and conditions should the government imposes its will…per the sharp sword of taxation or forcing upon its citizens the ever increasing monopoly of government services and the government’s position of taking private property so to redistribute to increase a communities tax base. Answers to in the public interest questions go unanswered as the political parties fight over the gaining or retention of power. Questions related to the possible impairment of the social system, Medicare, Medicaid, and the servicing of the public debt lingers like a dead star.

Each of the political parties pledge change; each cry out their persuasiveness often with passionate disregard to the illusive truth; the Democrats belief in their ideals the Republicans in theirs both parties claim Voir Dire.

Pretty faces, beautiful words, polite gestures, uplifting speeches, are powerful instruments of persuasion; but, often have nothing to do with substance, correctness, perfection, prudent management, or a positive result. Beware of the effectiveness of a well placed illusion; such, can achieve wondrous displacements of one’s original design.

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