Election Chaos

What Has Happened to Our Political System?
Authored by:  William Robert Barber

How in the world did we citizens evolve into this political nonsense? I acknowledge the richness of historical evidence exemplifying such nonsense; but, my goodness gracious the enormity of outright distortion, misrepresentation, and fibbing going on by both these political parties are outrageous. The nation has serious concerns that need specific attention and all congress is willing to do is wait until Obama is elected president. They will not address anything but endorse the merits of procrastination in the interest of what looks like a very favorable Democratic electoral season. So the interest of the nation is set aside for clearly political reasons.

This election will be very telling; since the electorate is almost equally divided the majority will be made up of a minority of voters. The nation’s voters are divided up into two distinctive philosophical camps; each indoctrinated by their prospective predeterminations of governmental righteousness. Within the belief systems of these two camps there are little to no room for adjustments even if such adjustments are prompted by new evidence. Indeed, evidence that is contrary to their prospective belief is discarded into the bin: Unworthy of Contemplation.

Via the Internet, a rumor, innuendoes, lies, and general rhetorical chaos is the rule. Pundits comment on the colors and flavors of the issues because there is never enough time to fully explain the complexity of a differing tax initiative, a foreign policy issue, a domestic concern, or the complexities of health services. Instead pundits rile against or for generalities founded on (talking points) their particular political predeterminations.

The Democrats want voting control of the house, senate, and the executive office; they want a sweeping reinvention of governing. They believe that by installing a progressive percentage increase of tax aimed at corporations, citizens of financial means, and reallocating national expenditures all though a reprioritization of national values; fairness, equality, and the trueness of plurality will finally be achieved. Of course there is much more to their story; but, then if they went transparent with their ideas of socialism, elitism, and desire to transform America into the likes of Denmark few would vote for their ideals.

The Republicans, those dummies, had the means to act but lacked the will to do the right thing; they betrayed their trust to the people who elected them and got lost in the trappings of power and prestige; stupid ensued. Now, to the detriment of this nation and its people, their fortunes at the ballot box is an uphill climb.

I was at a luncheon prior to the last election wherein the President predicted to a gathering of the faithful that the Democrats would be defeated; the gathering cheered, all knowing the contrary was approaching, I was stunned by the silliness of Republican leadership not honestly addressing the forthcoming obvious.

The closes party that encompasses a likeness to my political conservative principles are the Republican Party. I will of course vote Republican in the election; nevertheless, I am so very disappointed in this party’s swishy wackiness approach to governing.

I know that we conservatives cannot allow Obama and his confederates to control governing; but, I do think that some lashes need to be expended on the leadership of the Republicans in the house, senate, and executive office who lost the confidence of the American people and thus put us in the position of Liberal Democratic dominance in the first place.

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