America is Going to Elect a Socialistically Inclinded Politician of Little Repute

A Time of Great Sadness
Authored by:  William Robert Barber


McCain just does not have the rhetorical panache; he has character, experience, sensibility, and virtue but he lacks the stylistic nonsense that is the standard of measure for today’s constituency. He cannot express his political essence; he can paddle but he cannot fly; Obama, can traverse, slip and slide; he is the artful dodger that McCain cannot get his hands around. It is with great sadness that I witness the loss of all branches of government to the Democrats.

Of course the Republicans worked very hard to put themselves in this situation; the blame is so wide and apparent: A President who could not access the situation much less implement a policy; a majority lost in their own design they spent, spent, and corrupted the process of servicing the people; perpetrators of stupid, dumb, and then stupid again; they were like a loose leaf falling from a tree wherever the wind blew they sailed.

They, in the interest of their perception of perpetuating power, scuttled their own ship of state; in Iraq they allowed their executive to dance the waltz when everyone wanted no dancing at all; counter to their credo and pledges they unabashedly increased the size of government. Even when in the righteous they were and are too lame to explain their actions. Overwhelmed by events they crackle like scared chickens with a fox in the hen house. Principles aside these once proud Republicans are simply set on the race to enhance retention of their office; thus their leadership vote for a bailout when no one has defined the wherefore or the specific what for.

The very character of what defines an American is at stake in this election and the citizens are going to elect a socialistically inclined politician of little repute at all. Imagine that!

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