President Bush Has Taken the Nation Onto the Rocks

Authored by:  William Robert Barber

I have given President Bush a final failing grade; this president has taken the Republican party and any remnants of its conservative principles, from a ship of state “cleaving the brine with pinions afloat” onto the rocks. No one man could have done as much damage to this nation state in these last four years as George W. Bush.

Because of our president’s thoughtlessness and numerous, enormous, tactical blunders Obama will more than likely be the next president of this nation. The most liberal politician ever is about to be sworn in as leader of the free world. Obama and his leftist-liberals will turn this nation into a maelstrom of tax and spend socialism. In Obama’s word what prompts his taxing policy is fairness. If I work and make more money I have the advantage of giving my ‘excess’ to those who cannot compete with my achievements, level of skill, or just people who do not want to work as hard. The Obama definition of fair; or maybe just his method of buying votes.

If out of the grace of good sense the American people choose McCain over Obama then I will give GWB a D- for being lucky.

As the pundits profess nothing is over until the fat lady sings so I will cast my one vote cross my fingers and pray to the great god of circumstance that something unforeseen will snatch victory out of the jaws of obvious defeat for John McCain.

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