An Obama Victory Will Be the End of the American Way of Life

Authored by:  William Robert Barber

Is it possible that this season’s electorate will reject the Obama message of “spreading the wealth,” and taxing the ‘rich’ so to send cash to those Americans who pay no income taxes whatsoever? Or are we being played with by the poll numbers that suggest a McCain surge?

From my economic/political prospect an Obama victory would be an anathema on the very ethos of the American way of life; the Obama policy insist on the Marxist theory of economic redistribution wherein the all powerful, all knowing academic and political elitist in government decide on what is fair. The unions will love the Obama policy, so will the trial lawyers, Schumer, Reid, and Pelosi. The Obama government is not a drift to the left it is instead a blessing for socialist, leftist doctrinarians, and the foreign enemies of this nation state.

By the grace of God and a few Marines I am left with only the hope that Americans vote to preserve the values that have served us so well over these many years.


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