I No Longer Support the National Republican Party

11 11 2008

Authored by William Robert Barber
The Damage of the Republican Brand

Other than defending my political principals from a worse than Republican candidate I can no longer support the National Republican Party. I have had enough of their contrariness with established political ideals. This is the party, led by their president, that caved into a policy of socialism ‘for now.’ Like many other ‘for now’ policies such as personal income tax the ‘for now’ evolves enviably into forever.

Led by years of non-conservative legislative practices, a presidential leadership team that had no ‘feel’ for the ideological tone, political beliefs, or the moral prerogatives of its political base. A president who choose not to respond to factually unfounded scurrilous attacks upon its person/office by Democrats. A media so liberal in its political bias it has lost the singular intent of an unfettered press.

The Republican brand has been damaged so severally by Republican actions, non-actions, and the general malaise of political contrariness (of its original thesis) a political conservative like me can no longer find identification with the Republican Party.

Since we have so very many definitions of just about every capital subject I choose to define my own definition of conservatism. Thus within the contextual of future articles I will clearly, unambiguously, define my brand of conservative principles.

Be it pro or con relative to my definition of the status of the Republican Party, I certainly will welcome the readership’s prospective on the Republican Party and their particulars on defining conservative principles.




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