Myths, Illusions, Distractions, and Taxes

14 11 2008

Elected Officials Perpetuating a Lie Authored by:  William Robert Barber We Americans are dependant, interdependent, and besieged by governments’ federal, state, and local. There is no escape from this absolute truth. The bindings that enable this government-to-citizen relationship are complicated and intensely abstract. Lawyers, accountants, elected politicians, judges, (former attorneys) and the great unelected/appointed cadre of paper creator bureaucrats have established a specific language and procedure expertly designed to disable the simple and transparent.

There is no escape from these governmental impositions of complicated bindings; when one couples such with the continuum of purposeful injections of ambiguity in every aspect of a citizen’s obligators to government the average amongst us are overwhelmed. Since I do not believe we could find enough citizens who understand all of the laws that govern us to form a healthy quorum. It seems to me that we are governed by our own descriptive’s of myths, illusions, and distractions. There many among us who actually believe the government will take care of us; there are those who believe it is the government’s obligation to take care of us. Interesting myth propagated by those who seek elected office and those who want to maintain public office. In other words, these deceivers are buying an office by perpetuating a lie. These liars hustle such nonsense often and loud enough citizens substitute repetition for truth. The true is if one subordinates to government welfare one looses ones personal freedom. Now there is a simple truth. I do wonder readership; do our elected ones read the laws that they vote on? Or do they receive party-line instructions with deal points as a substitute for reading the law? So is this a prevalent practice of legislating? I would guess yes. Hence, is legislating simply an illusion. I would guess the answer is yes. Then of course there is the collateral to the illusion of actually working; the elected manage their public image likes movie stars. They gather and express; they speak in bits and parts noting how important it is to be conceptual and general rather than detailed and specific. I do notice they all wear great clothes and have their stylistic coiffeur offerings designed as if readying for Esquire Magazine. This is their distraction from the actual; such effort in the real world is called slight of hand. Government like robber barons of old and present are faithful to one fundamental rule: They all understand that they cannot rob from the poor. The only economic segment they can rob from is the rich; therefore, all government robber barons are in-league with the rich. Or one would think that the government would be smart enough to understand that unless the minority (the rich) have the opportunity and circumstance to make lots of money they the government-robber baron will have no money to rob. Of course there is a regurgitating of an old idea: Take from the rich and give it to the poor. This ‘the one’ particular politician believes such taking from the ones who have so to give it to the ones that do not have is fair. His vice president elect thinks it is patriotic. I think they just purchased votes. Well, we will soon know the details and specific of that promise of redistributing income under the guise of taxation.




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