Political Beliefs are on the Trading Block

19 11 2008

Here is an Idea – CUT the Costs of Governing!

Authored by:  William Robert Barber

The GOP’s battle cry seems to be “Let’s appease!” The GOP seems to say, “Let’s pay particular attention to critical voting demographics, for example the Hispanics;” obviously, this battle cry is designed so that ‘The Party’ can regain power.  In other words, (at least by my interpretation of what I have read) the GOP has decided as a political party that they need to possibly-probably-necessarily-change the very ethos of their heretofore solemn beliefs, the very thesis of their political ideals is on the trading block, all is at risk so that the GOP will seem appealing to a greater percentage of voters.

Although, I do acknowledge that compromise is the ‘kool-aide’ of the legislative process; I do NOT believe a conservative should compromise on its ideals and founding political premise. Indeed, if a conservative doe’s compromise so that some targeted citizen would vote for a Republican I would define such an action as deceptive. Yes, I do understand that deception is a potent instrument of all politicians; nevertheless, a conservative should stand for a declared belief. Political inclinations are like a leave that has fallen from a tree where ever the wind blows the leaf will submit. I believe a conservative need not be confused with a leaf.

The Liberal Democrats are in power. They are in power because the American people voted for them. They are going to support unions and all sorts of socialistically founded wish-it-was-so programs. The conceptual of taxing the rich to give money to the less than rich is impractical in application and downright stupid in premise. They will fail and the winds of political believability for the electorate will make a 180 degree change.

Conservatives must adhere to their innate beliefs; political philosophy is not to be confused with style. Political ideals are not similar to deciding on whether to wear a wider or narrower tie.

Here is an idea: Cut the cost of governing. Naturally, there is no recent or modern prescient to such an ideal and the winds of political inclination does not bellow that sail but that fact-of-the-present surely does not mean we conservative should turn the ship loaded with the cargo of conservative ideals around.



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