Will Obama Actually Give Money to the Poor?

24 11 2008

Thank You Obama – At Least for the Market Stimulus in Poster Sales!

Authored by William Robert Barber

The Game Is Afoot: The Liberals have conjured together their answer-to-the-crises-team soon the differing between their agenda and the Republican agenda will become evident. My expectation is that the Obama select will follow the razor’s edge between appeasing their union faction’s interest, the lobbying efforts of the entrenched die-hard socialist-liberal idealist, and finding where possible a compromise with their blue-dog representatives/republican moderates.

I am eager to see the contrast (if any) between the politically inspired campaign pledges and the actual’s submitted for congressional approval. Will the Democrats actually give money to those peoples described by Obama as poor or poorer? Or will Obama instead give a tax break to the rich and corporate because the financial crises persuade his advisors to rethink their social engineering in favor of growing the economy?

I do not think that Obama can lead from the leftist side of political idealism but then I thought that Hillary would clean his clock in the primaries. A harbinger I am not.

Notice the price of gasoline! What a price break for the average Joe. Shall we credit President Bush? After all he is still in office; well, I guess the Democrats NOW believe the price drop had to do with market conditions not because Bush and Cheney are oilmen.

I do what to thank Obama for the market stimulus only he is responsible for: Obama posters and paraphernalia; thousands upon thousands of such is being purchased on the Internet. Particularly amazing about that is that according to Obama and the Democrats no one has any money.

Happy Turkey to one and all…




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