What Will Come Out of the Obama Presidency – Change?

Authored by William Robert Barber

Opinions are Nothing BUT Opinions and Everyone Has One

Over the holiday I was engaged with a friend of a friend’s friends wherein the initial subjects of sports, sex, and business was discarded for a robust discussion about the general state of the union.  As we all most probably would acknowledge such a topic discussed in an ad hoc social form has a compelling potential to erode one’s predilection that Homo sapiens are, when compared, with the other members of the animal kingdom, the superior of intellect. These fellows had obvious difficulty with clarity of subject, staying on subject and the common social grace of a shark feeding frenzy.

Since we were all male, even though our swords were sheathed; (after all we shared the same friend) metaphorically at least, the scabbard hung on our waist, close, within easy utility.  Naturally, (being male) facts were solely established by tone and volume, inclusive to such brashness of expression, there was a noticeable sense of prevailing righteousness if one contender sensed he got the better of the other. The discussion took on the presence of a Broadway play with fifteen or so characters all played by half the number of actual participants. We produced, directed, edited, acted, and obviously wrote the dialogue; although there was only one act, the production had bits of melodrama and comedy, with each fellow responsible for their own stuns (noting that the comedy often only included one person laughing) interfaced with some serious attempts at on the spot rewrites, plots and sub-plots.

I can attest that when the subjects vectored to politics, political personalities, and the recent elections opinions were vocally applied with a heavy, boisterous disregard for reverence, the general contextual sensibility of staying on subject or any gentile interest in tolerance was managed by disinterest and a simple delete.   Of course, once the contenders’ brain-housing group was commingled with alcoholic beverages; well, a whole new level of discourse took the former ambiance to an entirely different level of non communication.  For me, a listener; the tenacity and faithfulness of the humanist maxim: ‘Good-Will-Toward-Men’ was in an up-hill contest with the prevailing garbled nonsensical utterances of ambiguity unbridled.

We numbered from seven to eleven; when considering the number of persons gathered I am perplexed as to the multiples, the multiplicity, and the variability of the many encompassed opinions, positions, and proposed solutions. Though I was quite amused by those who would instantaneously change an opinion that a minute ago was so strongly held; however, these persons were not outdone by those who held their opinion regardless of the evidence to the contrary.

This general ranting of the ad hoc discussion was similar in form and substance to the recent elections. Wherein, politicians who cast serious allocations against their opponent have accepted the offices of the vice president and secretary of state. The secretary of defense, a Bush appointee, was asked to remain and serve the Obama administration. Just a few months ago the Bush foreign policy was the cause of the world’s ills now it’s not so bad after all. Imagine if Obama had said during the primary that he would appoint Gates. Well, as with the discussion with the fellows, sticks and stones may break my bones but words said within the contextual of a campaign promise mean hardly anything at all.

The newest rendition is that Obama the persona is the agent of change; it is he the man that represents change. Notice how silent the left is on all of these changes…


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