Will The Dragons Retreat?

8 12 2008
I Fear My Fears Will Be Justified
Authored by William Robert Barber

The realignment of foreign and domestic policy is currently in the development stage of implementation; the world’s peoples eagerly await the presentation. Academic theories, rhetorical panegyrics as with politically inspired loquaciousness are put aside in favor of the one measurable tangible: Result.  Soon, the standard will be set, the policy will be in place, disagreements will be voiced, sides will be taken and the opposition will be heard.

President Obama is preparing for his swearing-in; the nation is hopeful. All the while, the nation’s enemies are looking to match opportunity with vulnerability, creating distractions, probing for weakness, seeking to damage and inflict. Dragons self-created and real have raised their ugly head and ravaged the economy; (so we are told) thus, the Obama administration’s first cause of action is preset; soon, the pledges of what he would or could do will subordinate to what he did or did not do. There will be no place to hide; no words will replace the sting of failure. And if this nation is attacked by its enemies (during his watch) the earth will shake and the sky will fall.

But if, on the other hand, Obama makes the right decisions, we are not attacked, the economy recovers, the dragons will retreat deep within their cave;’ The One’ will rein for eight years and the Democratic Party will rein supreme forevermore.

One of my greatest fears is that a liberal agenda will create the illusion of positive economic indicators by engaging in a series of gigantic public works projects. Additionally, I fear that the public will be beguiled into throwing more money towards this enigma called ‘education,’ creating a financial bonanza for the Teacher’s Union. I am afraid our new president will overtly fund privately held business with public money, hence, by an edict-of-oversight establish a heretofore new set of laws increasing the government’s control of private enterprise. I fear the explicit unionizing of the American work force by coercion of law or by the draconian persuasion of public funding and lastly, I fear my fears will be justified.

Whenever government perverts the natural course of profitability by passing laws and regulations that prohibit access to markets, utilizes the power of taxation erroneously, establishes an entrenched insensitive regulatory bureaucracy or restricts the natural course of trade; the economic viability of that nation will eventually suffer impairment and economic dissolution; the United States is not except from such a result.

History is benchmarked by those whose intent was good, as well as, those whose intent was evil; withstanding, once government acts in a manner described in the preceding paragraph intent will not stymie the identical result.




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