Are Attorneys Auto Qualified For Office?

27 12 2008

Authored by William Robert Barber

I can only imagine the discussion(s) that took place over the thousands of years wherein the ruling persuaded the ruled as to the merits of their particular governing acumen. My assumption is that regardless of the persuasion utilized (by those seeking to rule) the objective of the persuasion was directed to (at the very least) the illusion of:  What was in the best interest of the ruled.

As part of the collection of merits that fit into the parcel presented (by those who seek to rule) was and is today a capricious blend of often pretentious intangibles with reliance on imagery of all sorts, associations, associates, educational, military, or business achievements, family credentials, moral virtues, and the all important ability to spontaneously deliver rhetorical melodiousness when addressing any audience. Tangible persuasion such as actually having the power to receive the blessings of those ruled, as well as, possessing the wisdom and skill to lead is a matter of belief that can only truly be measured in arrears. In other words, we peoples that are ruled value the intangibles presented much more than the tangibles in fact.

In the United States we of the electorate, evidence by our voting behavior, have this ‘feeling’ that attorneys, judges, and former military officers are better persons to lead the nation that the gardener, school teacher, candle stick maker, or truck driver. However, when one reflects, these accredited and licensed persons did not properly or prudently anticipate the nation’s challenges; history has numerous evidence of tragic consequential result simply because those in power did not either display the means to lead or indeed forthrightly with clear transparency provide the leadership that pushed and pulled the electorate into the abyss of stupid legislation.

Trying desperately not to put the reader to sleep, I will not recall the last two hundred years of facts but instead emphasize recent events. Recently, Mr. Bernard Madoff was exposed as a fraud. However for many years, Mr. Madoff was an accepted member of the ‘appointed to rule’. He is presently accused of crafting an upside-down pyramid system wherein he paid the former investors with the neophyte’s monies while clearing most of the funds for his personal benefit. I suppose this Ponzi scheme would have functioned as long as there was a continuum of neophyte investors to pay off the former.

This Madoff trickery, sleight of hand, deception, chicanery of the highest order, is exactly the resulting basis of our nation’s social security system, all of the states including the federals entitlement programs, the existing retirement systems distributed by all state employees including the military. The nation’s elected and appointed officials, the in majority, licensed and extensively educated persons, have lead this nation into an economic dysfunction. This dysfunction was in place as a reality way before our current so-called economic debacle; our attorney-judge-licensed elected officials could not or refused to address the issue. They could however vote themselves a pay increase; vote into law a 700B taxpayer financial bailout package; they did find the wherewithal to enlarge the size and expense of governing.

Simply founded on experience I think the nation should pass a law that anyone corrupted by attending law school, passes the BAR, or performing the ‘artful dodger’ means and ways dutiful in the practice of law should be excluded from public office.

My conclusion is that Caroline Kennedy is as ready to be appointed to the Senate as every other licensed attorney. Why not? She surely will do no worst or even if she does worst, so what, she will be in pace with her brethren. And as for Madoff maybe the electorate should put him in charge of Social Security and all entitlements?




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