Market Risk Will Rise & Market Values Will Abate

For every dollar invested in a stimulus package, there should be an equal dollar spent in dismantling Big Government!

Authored by:  William Robert Barber

If the government prints more money and invests, lends, or gives away such cash by adhering to the rules of the most recent precedent; my prediction is that market risk will rise and market values will abate. So far, with few exceptions TARP has vested its funds via the sub-treasury department of willy-nilly financial interlopers; this willy-nilly department does not require audit-accountability or meaningful oversight. Its singular mandate is focused on the vesting and damn the torpedoes.

The real-world financial marketplace is not concerned if the plan implemented is derived from a Liberal or Conservative it is only concerned with the correctness of the plan. The marketplace is a result-orientated facility. It has no feelings left or right; really does not care if the implementer is black, white, purple, tall, fat, ugly or beautiful; the market only requires the correct solution to the problem.

Conversely, elected representatives are influenced by sentimental regards, opinions, precedence, staying in power, political consequences, gaining more power, subject to the sway of egotistical nonsense and the constant collateral possibility of corruptive behavior.

Although there has been since the founding of our republic a progressive Congressionally inspired movement to curtail the freedom of private enterprise in favor of enlarging the size of government, all undertaken under the guise of ‘fair’ legal renderings or ‘necessary’ regulations, nothing, however has occurred compared to the largeness of this particular taxpayer funded ‘stimuli’.

Naturally, I have a solution; for every dollar expended in the name of a stimulus package there should be a dollar deducted from the pre-determined dismantling of federal government departments, services, and utilities. The objective is to lower the cost of governing in proportion to the funds expended in the stimulus incentive. I believe that there will be an inherent organic balance to the goal of enhancing the overall economy, as well as, notifying the world of our intent to significantly decrease the cost of governing.

Surely, the Obama administration will notice this solution of mine and implement immediately…

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