Liberal-Socialist Give Taxpayer Dollars Away By The Billions

Why Not Increase Revenue Instead of Penalizing Success –
The Right Encouragement
Authored by William Robert Barber

If the Obama government could simply back off the populous nonsense’s of increasing taxes on the (yet to be clearly defined) wealthy citizens, private or publicly traded corporations, and tens of millions of small business in favor of the contrary; although, Pelosi and Reid may bark and whine, congress would comply with the Obama ‘new realism’; I believe a case for decreasing the GAAP measured tax on profits, by the respected, could be established and levied on the doubtful. Strenuously noting the result of such a tax-policy will lessen the risk of a prolonged recession because of the substantial proof that tax revenues will positively increase in proportion to the nation’s GNP. Nevertheless, the raison d’être of implementing a policy of tax decrease versus increase is to stimulate the economy. The a priori of human sensibilities evidences, that the most ever lasting persuasion on another citizen is that encouragement founded on self enrichment and self-service.

Why give away taxpayer dollars by the billions when all that needs to be enacted is the right encouragement? Why not have governments that enlist the economically meaningful into the cause of increasing revenues instead of penalizing them for their success? Under strict and precise underwriting, I am not against the principle of government investing in private enterprise; quite the contrary, however, if the government found it prudent to invest in banks, car manufacturing and insurance companies why not have congress simply guarantee these investments by a majority and allow private citizens into such investments?

Naturally, this offering of mine will metaphorically be a slap-in-the-face to all liberal-socialist who are adversely against any tax policy that abates the wealthiest of Americans personal tax obligation, certainly, these liberal-socialist insist that corporations should be increasingly penalized for making a profit, and those small business entrepreneurs are cheating on their ‘real’ tax obligations anyway. Besides the entire economic concept, say the Pelosi’s of the far-left, is the ‘idea’ of a progressive tax policy wherein re-distribution of personal income and corporate revenue inherently mandates fairness. For the liberal-socialist-progressives the policy of re-distribution is philosophically essential to their political dogma. After all societal, cultural, and behavioral norms need to be influenced, pushed, and pulled into conformity and accordance with their liberal-progressive ideals.

I do find it interesting that all of these political progressives are filthy rich. Did they not benefit from the very economic system they now call unfair? I think they protest too much as they are willfully buying votes from those who have less.

But then what do I know? Just another former Marine working to get pass GO so he can pay more taxes to the governments of this nation so they can increase their respective budgets, enlarge their influence on those who have less, and take more from those who have more.

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